When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

The wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that grow during a person’s teen years. For some, these four teeth come in fine, but they become a problem for others. There may not be room for more teeth in the mouth, for example, which means the teeth attempting to push through the gum can get stuck and put pressure other the other teeth trying to force them to move. 

Some dentists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth before they can become a problem. Others wait to see how they come in before deciding whether to extract wisdom teeth. At what age is it best to remove the third molars? 

To Remove or Not to Remove

Your dentist is in the best position to answer this question. They can take x-rays and see where the teeth are and if they can come through the gum safely and without disrupting tooth alignment. 

The x-rays also show whether the teeth are coming in correctly. Wisdom teeth can grow at different angles and may push through the gum horizontally. 

The dentist will also have access to a patient’s dental history, which might be a deciding factor. 

Your dentist may decide not to remove your wisdom teeth if they are:

The third molars are hard to reach, so they often develop cavities or even fractures. If the dentist feels they will be too difficult to clean, it may be better to take them out. 

When Will Wisdom Teeth Have to Come Out?

Typically, the decision to remove wisdom teeth comes when they:

The dentist may wait to see if you develop problems with the teeth before deciding to remove them. Some signs that they need to come out include:

Often, the dentist will check on their progress with each regular visit and then make the call. 

At What Age Should Wisdom Teeth Come Out?

There is no set rule for wisdom tooth extraction. Some dentists prefer to perform the extraction early on, before the bone forms around the teeth. Younger people tend to heal better, so it can be less traumatic at a young age, too. The older a patient is, the more difficult an extraction can be, so some dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth during the early teen years. 

Wisdom teeth start coming in for most people between 17 and 20. So with that in mind, the recommended age for removal is between 13 and 21. 

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