Stem-Cell Dental Implants: Revolutionary Approach to Regrow Your Teeth

Stem-Cell Dental Implants: Revolutionary Approach to Regrow Your Teeth

Tooth loss is a common issue that people face at some point in their lives. Dental implants have been an effective solution for replacing the missing teeth as they look and function like your natural teeth while being easy to maintain. Now, a new tooth regeneration approach has been developed and tested successfully. According to this new approach, stem cells will be used to re-implant teeth.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago used stem cells obtained from the periodontal ligament of molars extracted from mice, expanded them in an incubator, and then placed them on barren rat molars. They reinserted the stem cell treated molars into rats’ tooth sockets. After four months, the stem cells aligned and formed new fibrous attachments between the bone and tooth.

The replanted tooth was surrounded by newly formed periodontal fibers and new cementum,  the outer surface of the tooth’s root. On the other hand, molars that were replanted without stem cells were lost or loosely attached and resorbed. Researchers say that this strategy can be used as a new approach for tooth replacement using custom implants or for replanting teeth that are lost due to trauma.

A Revolution in Progress

Researchers have been working to develop stem-cell dental implants that regrow your teeth. Presently, the new approach has only been tested on animals as implementing the same procedure on humans requires some legal and ethical advancements. It is predicted that you will have to wait for a few years to benefit from stem-cell dental implants.

Can You Regrow Teeth with Stem Cells?

Most importantly, a tooth primordium (a tooth in its early stage of development) has to be created to re-implant it in place of the missing tooth. Harvesting stem cells from human embryos is necessary to create a tooth primordium as embryos only have the cells that can make a tooth. However, scientists say that they need more time and more research to find a way that does not involve the use of cells from embryos to regrow teeth.

Can Teeth Regrow Naturally?

Humans can only grow two sets of teeth, which are baby and adult teeth. However, they cannot regrow their teeth naturally.

How Can I Rebuild My Teeth?

You cannot rebuild your teeth, but you can remineralize your teeth to strengthen or restore the weakened enamel. Mouthwashes and toothpaste cannot rebuild teeth, but they can contribute to the remineralization process.

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