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Experiencing a dental emergency is never a pleasant experience. Dental problems that require urgent treatment are uncomfortable and often excruciatingly painful. If you are need of emergency dental surgery or care, our dentists in are prepared to help.

Emergency Dental Care

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Where to Go for Emergency Dental Care

If you have a broken tooth, a severe toothache or some other kind of dental emergency, it is important that you make an appointment as quickly as possible. Putting off treatment can lead to more serious and more expensive issues. That’s why our dentists in work to see emergency patients in a timely manner. This includes offering you a same-day appointment whenever possible. If you’re in need of urgent dental surgery or other dental treatments, contact our office today. We are here to get your smile healthy again.

The Cost of Emergency Dental Care

While we strive to make our treatments affordable, it is important to understand that the cost of emergency dental treatment will vary depending on how severe your issue is, what your dental insurance covers and the chosen course of treatment. While you are at your appointment, your dentist will present you with treatment options and give you an estimate of the cost.

Emergency Dental Services

What Are Considered to Be Emergency Dental Services?

Our skilled dentists provide emergency dental services that will have you smiling again. Here are some of the many services that we offer to our patients:

Emergency Extractions: Our dentists believe that it’s important to try to save your tooth whenever they can. While we will do whatever we can to make that happen, there are times when a tooth is too damaged or infected. When this happens, we will surgically extract the tooth while making sure that you remain as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Wisdom teeth frequently need to be removed due to discomfort or infection. This is due to the fact that wisdom teeth are typically the last teeth to grow in, meaning that they often don’t have enough room to grow in properly. If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, contact us.

Tooth Extractions: We also provide our patients with routine tooth extractions to get rid of severely injured or decayed teeth.

Root Canals: If you’ve been having a lot of pain associated with infection or inflammation in the pulp of your tooth, your dentist may decide to perform a root canal. This is a routine procedure that will address the issue and save your tooth.

Root Canals for Children: In addition to providing root canals for adults, our dentists are able to provide an extra gentle touch when performing root canals on children.

When Do I Need Emergency Dental Services?

Our dentists in usually recommend that you pursue emergency dental treatment for any of the following conditions:

Abscessed Teeth: An abscess occurs when a tooth’s root becomes infected. The primary symptoms of an abscessed tooth include extreme pain, swelling, fever and oozing gums. Dental abscesses should be treated immediately.

Broken or Cracked Teeth: While you may think that a broken or cracked tooth isn’t that big of a deal, leaving one untreated can cause serious issues like infection to set in. Make an appointment with us today to have your damaged tooth or teeth taken care of right away.

Fractured or Broken Jaw: This dental emergency is characterized by symptoms like pain the face or jaw, as well as the patient feeling like their bite is crooked or “off.” If you suspect that you have fractured or broken your jaw, make an appointment with one of our dentists for emergency treatment immediately.

Broken, Loose or Lost Crowns: If your dental crown has become loose, broken or fallen out, it’s important that you have it replaced right away. A damaged or missing crown can lead to your tooth developing severe damage.

Dental Infections: Sticking to a regular dental cleaning schedule can help to prevent infections from setting in within the gums. If you are experiencing an infection of the gums, our dentists can provide the proper treatment and help you to establish a routine that will prevent infections from happening in the future.

Knocked-out Teeth: While a knocked-out tooth is no laughing matter, there are measures you can take to try to save the tooth until you can see one of our dentists to have it put back in. These include putting the tooth in milk or inserting the tooth back into its empty socket.

Loose or Lost Fillings: Cavity fillings can sometimes fall out or become loose. When this happens, your tooth becomes vulnerable to decay. One of our dentists can replace your filling in an emergency situation.

Severe Gum or Facial Swelling: Don’t ignore painful swelling in your gums or face. This issue could indicate that there is a severe dental problem occurring. Visit our clinic so that the issue can be diagnosed and resolved.

Severe Toothache: There are several different causes of toothaches. If you’ve been experiencing severe tooth pain that won’t go away, call our emergency dental clinic so that our dentists can get to the root of your problem.

Do Emergency Dental Services Cost More?

We understand that unexpected dental bills can be a drag. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our patients with affordable treatments. We do this by working with an array of insurance providers and ensuring that our patients receive the maximum amount of benefits that they are entitled to under their plan. Another option for receiving affordable care is to enroll in MetroCare. This discount dental plan is a great option for those looking to supplement insurance or those who don’t have insurance. For a yearly fee of $129, members can receive huge discounts on routine dental services, cosmetic treatments, emergency treatments and more. If you’re interested in enrolling with MetroCare, call us today for more details.

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