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Dental Hygiene

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What Should You Know About Dental Hygiene?

Good teeth hygiene habits should include twice daily cleaning and flossing and routine dental check-ups to prevent decay and gum disease.

Dental Services for Children

Why Is Children’s Dental Care Important?

Dental care for kids prevents gum disease and cavities, and sets kids up for good, long-term oral health.

Dental Exams

Do I Need Anything to Prepare for a Dental Exam?

It’s always a good idea to brush your teeth and make a list of your dental questions before your exam. During your dental examination, your teeth are cleaned, examined and X-rayed. Your dentist will also look for signs of oral cancer.

Who Pays for Dental Exams?

Most insurance providers cover part or all of the costs of dental exams as a preventive measure. Exam fees usually include the teeth cleaning, X-rays and examination.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

What Does Gingivitis Gum Treatment Include?

Gum disease treatment usually involves a deep, professional cleaning that removes plaque from the gums. If you have advanced gum disease, surgery may be necessary.

What Does Treatment of Gingivitis Cost?

Gum disease treatment costs vary according to the severity of the disease. You can expect deep cleanings, including scaling and root planning, to cost more than a basic cleaning.

Mouth Guards - Sports

Does a Sports Mouth Guard Really Work?

Yes, sports mouth guards help protect teeth, jaws, cheeks and tongues from injuries while playing sports. Some sports such as rugby, hockey and boxing require athletes to use mouth guards.

What Will I Pay for a Sports Mouth Guard?

Custom sports mouth guard costs depend on how much thermoplastic material is needed to fabricate the mouth guard.

Night Guards

How Do Night Mouth Guards Help?

A night mouth guard is a plastic appliance that prevents your teeth from grinding together while you’re sleeping.

Will Insurance Pay for My Night Guard?

Some insurance plans cover custom night guard costs when the guard is medically necessary. Check your policy for details or give us a call for information about night guard costs.

What’s Special About a Bruxism Guard?

A bruxism guard is a custom-made mouth guard that fits the unique shape of your mouth and teeth. It is used to address your particular bruxism issues.

Nitrous Oxide

What Are the Benefits of Nitrous Oxide Dental?

Many patients prefer nitrous oxide for dental sedation during a procedure because it’s easily inhaled and it works and reverses quickly. While under sedation, patients are relaxed but able to follow directions.

What’s the Average Price for Laughing Gas?

Your average price for laughing gas depends on the length of your procedure and how much nitrous oxide you need.

Oral Cancer Screening

What Is a Dentist Looking for During an Oral Cancer Screening?

During your dental exam, your dentist will use a variety of lights, rinses and visual aids to examine your entire mouth for oral cancer.

Does Insurance Cover Oral Cancer Screening?

Most dental insurance providers cover some mouth cancer screening costs. Check your policy for coverage details and annual limits.


What Are the Benefits of Tooth Sealants?

Dental sealants for adults and kids can help seal teeth that are vulnerable to decay. The sealants have shown to reduce decay by more than 75 percent on molars.

Are Tooth Sealants Cost-Effective?

As a preventive tool, tooth sealant costs are very efficient. Your insurance may cover a portion of the dental sealant cost, so call our office for more information.

Sedation Dentistry

When Is Sedation Dentistry Recommended?

Sedation dentistry is helpful for patients who are extremely anxious about dental procedures. It may also be recommended for patients undergoing complex dental procedures.

What Does Sleep Dentistry Cost?

Some insurance plans cover medically necessary dental sedation costs. That coverage will affect your total sleep dentistry cost, as will the type of sedation used and the length of time you are sedated.

Price for Oral Sedation?

The price for sedation dental care ranges widely depending on the type of sedative used and your insurance coverage.

Dental X-rays

Are Dental X-rays Painful?

Teeth X-rays usually are painless, although they may be occasionally uncomfortable for a few seconds. If you’re in good oral health, you may only need new X-rays every two years.

What Are Typical Dental X-ray Costs?

Typical teeth X-ray costs are determined by your health needs and whether you have dental insurance. As X-rays are part of your regular exam, insurance often covers X-ray costs.

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