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Bone Grafting

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Are Bone Grafts Painful?

Bone grafts replace lost bone in the jaw with a synthetic bone material or a piece of your own bone, taken from your hip or shin. Our oral surgeon performs your bone graft surgery with the appropriate anesthesia to ensure that you do not feel any pain. After the procedure, you will receive detailed aftercare instructions for pain management.

Are Bone Grafts Expensive?

A bone graft for a single implant is considerably less expensive than a graft that needs to support multiple implants for a denture. Additionally, synthetic bone is the most economical graft material. If you would like a quote for a bone graft, call our office to make an appointment with our dentist.

Which Dental Implants Are Near My Sinuses?

If you need implants in your upper jaw to replace premolars or molars, you may need a sinus lift if you need additional bone in that location. Oral surgeons also use sinus lift for individuals with large sinus membranes. The sinus lift is done in conjunction with the bone graft. Once the site heals, you will be ready for implant surgery.

Sedation Dentistry

Where Can I Find a Sedation Dentist in ?

Our dentists offer several sedation options to make you feel relaxed, in addition to local anesthetics, which keep you from feeling any pain. If you are having oral surgery, our oral surgeons are trained in IV sedation dentistry. If you need sedation to get through a dental procedure without anxiety or fear, contact our office to arrange an appointment.

What’s the Average Price for Sedation Dentistry?

Our dentist will go over your personal sedation cost before your procedure. Typically, you’re billed by the hour for sedation. Your cost for dental sedation also depends on the type of sedation you receive.

Tooth Extractions

What Types of Teeth Need Surgical Extractions?

Impacted and broken teeth often need surgical extractions, since they cannot be pulled out easily by a dentist. Our oral surgeon will make an incision in the gum and remove the tooth that way. If you have a tooth that will need the expertise of an oral surgeon to remove it, contact our office to arrange an appointment.

How Is My Surgical Tooth Extraction Cost Figured?

Generally, we base the cost for your surgical tooth extraction on the tooth’s location, your insurance coverage, and whether you will need any follow up care. Our oral surgeon will provide an estimate of your cost.

Do Oral Surgeons Extract Wisdom Teeth?

Extracting wisdom teeth is one of the most common procedures that oral surgeons perform. Wisdom teeth almost always need a surgical extraction because even if they are not impacted, their location makes them challenging to extract.

Oral Pathology

What Do Oral Pathologists Do?

Oral pathologists provide accurate interpretations of samples of lesions found in the oral and maxillofacial areas by dental professionals.

How Do Dentists Screen for Oral Cancer?

Dentists screen for oral cancer by performing a visual inspection of your oral cavity during a routine exam. They will also feel for lumps. A dentist will take a sample of any unusual tissue for a biopsy.

What Does Oral Cancer Cost to Treat?

It’s impossible for your dentist or oral surgeon to quote a price for your oral cancer costs without understanding your case. Factors that affect your cost include the treatment selected and the stage of the cancer.

IV Sedation

Is IV Sedation Stronger than Oral Sedation?

Yes, IV sedation is stronger than oral sedation, which is usually a prescription pill. Your oral surgeon will measure an exact dose that will leave you in a sleep state or deeply relaxed. You will need someone to drive you home.

How Is My IV Sedation Cost Calculated?

Ask your oral surgeon or dentist if the cost is calculated per hour or by the procedure. Call us to arrange for a consultation and you will learn what your anticipated cost for IV sedation will be.

Oral Surgeon

What Specific Training Do Oral Surgeons Have?

After graduating from dental school, oral surgeons receive additional training in advanced anesthesia, pathology, bone and tissue grafting and cosmetic surgery. Oral surgeons also have the training and expertise to deal with accident victims with maxillofacial injuries.

What Does Oral Surgery Cost?

Your cost for oral surgery depends on the type of surgery, as prices vary widely. Call our office and request a consultation with an oral surgeon in to learn the anticipated cost for the procedure that you need.

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