Emergency Dentistry in Allen

If you are experiencing pain or have visible damage to one or more teeth, you may need to visit a qualified emergency dentist in Allen. These dental professionals offer a range of urgent dental care options designed to relieve pain and to restore your teeth to a healthier condition. Prompt action is necessary to ensure the best outcomes for broken or knocked-out teeth. Our emergency dental services can help you enjoy a bright and beautiful smile even after a serious accident or injury.

All About Emergency Dental Care

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Emergency dental care differs from ordinary care in both the range of services offered and the speed with which those services are delivered. Your visit to an emergency dentist near Allen will typically take place within hours or days of your injury rather than the weeks or even months that a normal appointment might take. The care offered by your emergency dentist will focus on preventing further injury and on relieving pain to allow you to get back to normal while awaiting a more permanent solution.

Where Can I Find Emergency Dental Care?

Our emergency dental care clinic offers a comprehensive range of services designed to provide quick relief for serious pain and injuries. We can often work on emergency patients right away and will try to provide same-day service for your issues. This can ensure that you experience the fastest possible pain relief and the most effective care for your teeth. Our team of dedicated dental professionals can help you resolve issues quickly and in the most painless way possible.

How Much Will Emergency Dental Care Cost?

Your cost for emergency dental care will vary depending on the precise nature of your injuries and the amount of work needed to restore your teeth to a safe and stable condition. A small chip or loosened tooth may require less time and effort to restore than a broken or knocked-out tooth. Multiple teeth could also require additional work on the part of your emergency dentist. We will work to keep your costs as low as possible throughout your treatment plan with us.

Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dental services differ from routine services in a few ways. Emergency dental care includes most immediate care services. Braces, implants and other less urgent procedures are not available on an emergency basis.

What Services Are Available from Emergency Dentists?

The services available from our team of emergency dentists include a wide range of procedures, including the following:

Root canals: Root canal therapy can relieve pain and pressure on infected teeth and roots. These procedures typically require the removal of infected or damaged pulp tissue and the application of a filling, a crown or both to protect the tooth from further damage. Our dentists can perform root canals for children to help them feel better faster.

Emergency Extractions: An extraction may be required as an emergency measure for severely decayed or damaged teeth. This procedure may be performed under local or general anesthesia to make sure that you experience as little pain as possible during the process.

Wisdom teeth removal services: During the initial emergency visit, your dentist will work with you to relieve pain and to stabilize your teeth to prevent damage to surrounding molars and gum tissue.

Root Canals for Children: Sometimes it is necessary to perform a root canal on a baby tooth in order to save the tooth and keep it in the correct position. Our dentists are experienced in performing this gentle procedure on children.

Tooth Extractions: Our dental team can also perform non-emergency extractions.

When Should I Head to an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

You should visit our emergency dental care facility immediately if you or one of your family members is experiencing any of the following conditions:

Infections that affect the roots of teeth and can cause serious pain, swelling and oozing of pus from the gums.

Broken or Injured Jaws
Require immediate attention in our office to prevent misalignment and further damage to these bone structures.

Cracked or Broken Teeth
Must be protected against further damage until they can be repaired or replaced with implants or bridges.

Lost, Loose or Broken Crowns
Require prompt attention to prevent the affected tooth from breaking down when chewing or biting or becoming infected.

Dental Infections
Painful teeth with swollen gums or a fever may indicate a dental infection. Without proper treatment, a dental infection can spread and require more expensive and aggressive treatment.

Resetting Knocked-out Teeth
Your emergency dentists will evaluate the condition of your tooth and gums to determine if this may be a viable solution for you, so be sure to keep the tooth and bring it to our dental care clinic for your appointment.

Replacing Lost or Broken Fillings
Ideally, these procedures should be performed as quickly as possible to prevent additional damage to already vulnerable teeth.

Severe Facial or Gum Swelling
Inflammation is usually a sign of a problem. If you notice facial or gum swelling, call our office and we will do our best to determine the cause of the swelling and fix the problem.

Severe Toothache
One very common symptom of a dental emergency is a toothache. Don’t delay treatment as the problem will not go away on its own, let us determine the cause of your toothache.

Our office can provide you with the right options for your needs and your future dental health.

How Much Do Emergency Dental Services Cost?

The cost of your dental care will depend on the amount of work needed to restore your teeth to their previous condition. If emergency dental care costs are a source of worry for you or your family, the MetroCare Dental Plan may be the right solution for your needs. This innovative plan allows you to save up to 80 percent on routine and emergency services offered through preferred providers. It costs just $129 per year to enjoy these significant discounts and the peace of mind associated with lower dental costs. Give us a call today to enroll or to discuss the benefits of MetroCare Dental Plan.

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