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As an Existing Patient, Will I Pay for My Orthodontic Consultation?

Our practice provides all of our existing patients with complimentary consultations for orthodontics. Call us now to book your appointment.

Invisalign® and Clear Braces

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How Will Invisalign® Straighten My Teeth?

Invisalign® is a method of straightening the teeth that consists of the patient using a series of custom aligner trays to adjust the position of the teeth. These custom-made trays work like traditional braces, as they place pressure on the teeth, causing them to shift. You will be given new aligners every two weeks throughout the course of your treatment.

Is Invisalign Expensive?

The cost of Invisalign depends on how serious your alignment issues are and how long it will take to correct the issues. One of our friendly dentists in Arlington will provide you with a complete estimate after assessing your case and developing a treatment plan with you.

Should I Choose Invisalign or Clear Braces?

Clear braces utilize wires and brackets in the same way that metal braces do, while Invisalign uses clear trays to align the teeth. Invisalign treatments are less noticeable than clear braces. However, clear braces generally don’t require as many adjustments.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Clear braces work in the same way as metal braces. They use brackets and wires to move the teeth into the proper position. Clear braces are not as visible as metal braces.

What Do Clear Braces Cost?

While clear braces tend to cost more than regular metal braces, many patients prefer them due to their discreet appearance. The exact cost of clear braces will depend on the complexity of your orthodontic issues.

How Do I Choose Between Clear Braces and Metal Braces?

Clear braces and metal braces work in the same manner. Clear braces are an excellent choice for people who need to straighten their teeth and also want a more discreet look than what they would get with metal braces.

Metal, Ceramic and Self-Ligating Braces

Are Metal Braces Effective at Straightening Teeth?

Metal braces move the teeth into alignment through a series of brackets and wires that apply pressure to the teeth.

How Much Do Metal Braces Cost?

Metal braces are typically a more affordable option than Invisalign, ceramic and self-ligating braces. The overall cost of your braces will depend on factors such as how crooked your teeth are, how long you need the braces and whether or not your insurance provides coverage for braces.

What About Metal Braces or Ceramic?

Along with Invisalign and other types of braces, ceramic braces are usually less noticeable than metal braces. Treatment via metal braces does not tend to take as long as using other methods.

How Will Self-Ligating Brackets Work?

Self-ligating brackets are a faster and more comfortable alternative to straightening the teeth. Through the use of an archwire that is held in place with a small, spring-loaded door, self-ligating braces use less friction and force to move the teeth into alignment.

Should I Expect to Pay a Lot for Self-Ligating Brackets?

Self-ligating braces are more expensive than other alternatives. You will have a better idea of what they will cost once you have had a consultation with one of our orthodontists.

Orthodontics, Phase 1

Orthodontist Office Near Me

Crooked teeth can cause you to feel self-conscious. If you’re considering adjusting the alignment of your teeth, call one of our orthodontists in Arlington.

How Much Does Orthodontic Treatment Cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies from person to person. Your bill will take into account factors like your age, what kind of insurance you have and the type of braces you will need to correct your problem.

Is It Better to Choose an Orthodontist or Dentist for Braces?

Orthodontists are required to have an additional two to three years of training in order to specialize in straightening teeth. If you have crowded teeth, crooked teeth, a bad bite or a misaligned jaw, your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist for treatment.

How Long Does Phase 1 Orthodontics Take to Work?

If your child has been referred for Phase 1 orthodontics treatments, it will usually take between 6-12 months for treatment. Afterwards, your child will be required to wear a retainer until his or her permanent teeth come in.

How Much Will I Pay for Phase 1 Orthodontics?

As with most orthodontic treatment, the cost of Phase 1 orthodontics will depend on the orthodontic needs of your child. Our team generally recommends that children receive a consultation at the age of seven to see if orthodontic treatment will be necessary in the future.

Phase 1 vs. Phase 2 Orthodontics

Phase 1 orthodontics is prescribed between the ages of 6-10. This is before all of the permanent teeth have grown in. Phase 1 treatment is usually recommended when there are orthodontic issues present that should be treated without delay. Phase 2 treatments are given when the permanent teeth come in. This is usually between the ages of 11-13.

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