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Dental Hygiene

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What Is Good Dental Hygiene?

At our office, we can provide comprehensive guidance on the right dental hygiene plan for you and your family in The Woodlands. Good dental hygiene begins with regular brushing and flossing. We also recommend twice yearly teeth cleanings to keep your smile bright and beautiful.

Dental Services for Children

What Dental Services Are Available for Children?

We offer teeth cleanings, exams, fluoride treatments and dental sealants designed specifically for children. These services can help your family enjoy a lifetime of good dental health.

Are Dental Services for Children Expensive?

We work with you and your family to ensure that you receive affordable care for all your dental needs, especially when investing in the dental health of your children.

Dental Exams

What Happens During a Dental Exam at Your Office?

Our dental professionals will work to make you feel comfortable during your examination, which usually includes X-rays, a visual inspection of your teeth and an evaluation of the health of your gums and mouth.

How Much Do Dental Exams Cost?

Dental examinations may be covered under your family’s dental plan. We will work with you to keep your costs low for these essential annual evaluations.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

What Is Gingivitis?

One of the most common forms of gum disease, gingivitis, can cause bleeding or swelling of the gums. This can cause serious discomfort, especially for patients with severe forms of the disease.

How Much Does Gingivitis Treatment Cost?

The amount you will pay to receive gingivitis treatment in our office will vary depending on how far the disease has progressed and whether surgical treatments are required to restore the health of your gums.

Mouth Guards for Sports

How Do Mouth Guards for Sports Work?

Mouth guards fit over teeth to provide protection during sports like football, wrestling, boxing and other full-contact physical activities. Many teams require these dental appliances for their players.

Are Mouth Guards Expensive?

Because mouth guards are fit to individual mouths, they may be somewhat expensive. We will work with you to ensure you can afford the associated cost, call us for more information.

Night Guards

What Are Night Guards?

Mouth guards are designed to fit over teeth. Specifically, night guards are intended to prevent teeth from grinding against each other during sleep.

How Much Will Night Guards Cost?

The cost of your night guards will depend on the material used to construct them and the complexity of the configuration of your night guard.

What Is Nighttime Bruxism?

Bruxism is the grinding or rubbing together of teeth during sleep. It can be a sign of stress. Night mouth guards are an effective treatment for this condition.

Nitrous Oxide

When Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Used?

Nitrous oxide is sometimes referred to as laughing gas because of its ability to relax patients and to eliminate pain during dental procedures. It is ideal for patients who would otherwise experience severe stress related to their dental treatment.

How Much Does Nitrous Oxide Sedation Cost?

This treatment is widely administered to patients, so it is more affordable than other means of sedation. On average, the price will be given to you as a per-visit or per-hour cost.

Oral Cancer Screening

What Is an Oral Cancer Screening?

An oral cancer screening is designed to spot the early warning signs of tumors and growths in the mouth and on the gums.

How Much Do Oral Cancer Screenings Cost?

The type of oral cancer screening you receive will determine its cost. In most cases, these screenings are included as part of your regular check-up.


How Do Tooth Sealant Treatments Work?

Tooth sealant treatments are ideal for children and adults who may have a strong propensity toward tooth decay or cavities in their teeth. These treatments are designed to create a physical barrier between the outer enamel of teeth and the rest of the mouth.

Are Tooth Sealant Treatments Expensive?

We work hard to make sure that the tooth sealant treatments available from our office are as affordable as possible for you and every member of your family.

Sedation Dentistry

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

For patients with serious anxiety about dental work, sedation dentistry allows them to maintain a deep sense of relaxation through the process to eliminate stress and worry.

Is Sedation Dentistry Expensive?

The cost of sedation dentistry depends on the type of anesthesia and the duration of the procedure to be completed.

What Is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation methods typically involve the use of medications in pill form to induce sleep or unconsciousness for patients undergoing dental procedures.

Dental X-rays

Understanding the Value of Dental X-rays

X-rays allow dentists to spot problems inside and between teeth before they become apparent during a visual inspection. This can allow our team to provide you and your family with the fastest and most effective treatments.

The Cost of Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are an affordable diagnostic tool that may be covered by your insurance plan. If you have reservations about the prices for any of the procedures at our office, please call us today we have a variety of methods available to make it easier to afford your care.

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