Fillings, Crowns, Bridges & Dentures in Carrollton

Dental Crowns

Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and Inlay or Onlay Restorations in [GEOID]

What Is the Dental Crown Procedure?

When you get a crown, our dentist will make an impression of your teeth for the dental lab making the crown. He or she will shape your tooth so there is room for the crown to fit over it, and then give you a temporary crown to wear. Once the crown comes back from the lab, our dentist makes sure it fits correctly before scenting it onto your tooth.

How Much Will My Crown Cost?

Our dentist will go over the various crown material options with you and let you know what each one will cost. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Dental Bridges

How Long Do Tooth Bridges Last?

You can expect your tooth bridge to last about 10 to 15 years. If you keep the area between the bridge and gum clean, your bridge will last as long as possible. If you would like to replace one or more teeth in a row, call our office to make an appointment for a dental bridge consultation.

How Much Do Tooth Bridges Cost?

The cost of your custom bridge depends on the number of pontics (artificial teeth) used in your bridge. If you have dental insurance, your tooth bridge may be covered, reducing the cost you pay.


Where Do I Go for Dentures?

The best place to get dentures is at a local dentist’s office. Our dental office in Carrollton serves individuals who want to improve their appearance with full or partial dentures. Our experienced dentists will make sure you get the best dentures for your unique needs. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

What Do Dentures Usually Cost in Carrollton?

The cost of your dentures will depend on the style of denture you select, whether you need any preliminary work and your dental insurance coverage. Call us to make an appointment for a consultation; our dentist can give you an idea of your anticipated cost for your dentures.

What Is it Like to Wear Full Dentures?

With full dentures, you can smile and laugh without trying to hide missing teeth. You will be able to speak clearly once again as well.

What Is the Partial Denture Process?

Our dentist will make a mold of your upper or lower teeth so the dental lab can fabricate your partial denture. Once our dentist receives the denture back, he or she will install the denture and you will have your smile back. Call our office today to schedule an appointment; you don’t have to live with missing teeth.

What Can Flipper Teeth Do?

Flipper teeth are temporary, removable partial dentures for provisional use. They are prescribed for people in the middle of extensive dental work. They save people from walking around without teeth while waiting for their restoration.

What Does Immediate Dentures Mean?

If you would like your dentures to wear immediately after your teeth are extracted, you should request immediate dentures. Our dentist takes the impression for the lab first, and then you return when the denture is complete. You have the extractions and immediately put the denture in.

Dental Fillings

Why Are Dental Fillings Essential to Good Oral Health?

If you do not have cavities filled when they are small, you may end up with a painful toothache or an even more painful abscessed tooth. Contact our office to schedule an appointment and so we can help you avoid dental health problems by practicing proactive dental care.

What Do Dental Fillings Usually Cost?

Your cost for a filling is based on whether you have a composite or an amalgam filling and whether you have dental insurance coverage or participate in a dental discount plan. Our dentist can give the cost upfront after your examination and X-rays.

Are Composite Fillings White Fillings?

Yes, many people call composite fillings white fillings, even though the composite resin is tooth-colored.


When Are Dental Onlays Used?

If you have a large cavity or damage to a back tooth, your dentist may suggest using a porcelain or gold onlay. Onlays are created in dental labs to work as a strong restoration that can stand up to the grinding force of back teeth.

What Will a Dental Onlay Cost?

Factors that will influence the onlay cost include the material used, the size of the onlay, and the complexity of the placement.

When Are Dental Overlays Used?

An overlay is used in the same situations as an onlay, except an overlay covers more of the tooth’s surface.

What Will a Dental Overlay Cost?

The same factors that influence the cost of an onlay will influence the cost of an overlay. Call our office to schedule an appointment. Our dentist can tell you if you are a good candidate for either an onlay or an overlay and what the cost would be.

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