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Do you have suspicions that you may have a damaged nerve in your tooth? If so, you may be concerned about your tooth having to be pulled. With modern dental practices, the dentists at Ideal Dental of Cibolo may be able to save your tooth by utilizing root canal therapy. This routine surgery can help you to get your smile and your dental health back on track quickly.

Root Canal Procedure

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Our dentists in will be able to tell if you are a good candidate for a root canal during your first visit. This visit will help us to determine what the best course of action is for oral pain. If we decide to proceed with the root canal, we will give you all of the information you need to understand the procedure and the recovery process.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a routine dental procedure that fixes inflammation or infection that has set in within the tooth’s pulp. The pulp is located beneath the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth. Pulp is an exceptionally soft tissue that is made up of nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels. The primary purpose of pulp is to hold the root of a tooth in place as it grows in. Once the tooth is fully developed, it no longer needs the pulp.

You may be wondering how the pulp can become inflamed or infected. In many cases, the issue is caused by deep tooth decay, structural damage to the tooth or faulty crowns. Since the pulp area is so sensitive, it is common for patients to experience severe oral pain when they are in need of a root canal.

The procedure for a root canal is fairly simple. It consists of the dentist removing the pulp, disinfecting the inside of the tooth and then filling the tooth with gutta percha. Gutta percha is a rubber-like material that is meant to replace the pulp within the tooth. After this, your dentist will install a crown on your tooth. The crown will blend in with your tooth and won’t prevent you from eating or speaking normally.

Our dentists understand that you may be a little hesitant about having a root canal done. That’s why we’re here to assure you that the procedure is a routine one that is performed under general anesthesia if the patient desires. You won’t be able to feel any pain throughout the entirety of the root canal.

Should I See a Root Canal Dentist or an Endodontist?

So, you’ve just been told that you need to have a root canal. You probably have several questions about what the procedure will consist of and how long it will take. One of your foremost questions is probably going to revolve around who will do the root canal. In the majority of cases, your regular dentist will do the root canal for you. However, there are severe cases where you may be referred to a specialist. These specialists will usually be endodontists. Scheduling an appointment with us as soon as you possibly can will help us to develop a treatment plan for you that will restore the integrity of your smile.

What Does a Root Canal Cost?

It’s never fun to worry about how you are going to afford necessary dental procedures. While it may be tempting to ignore the problem for just a little bit longer, you should know that the longer you wait to have a root canal, the more expensive and severe the dental work will be in the future. Not pursuing the proper course of treatment in a timely manner can also cause many health problems. It also means living in pain for longer than you have to.

Our dentists will provide you with an estimate at the time of your initial consultation. Keep in mind that the price of a root canal will depend on the severity and location of your tooth issues. You may be wondering, “Will my insurance cover my root canal?” In most cases, the answer is yes. The majority of dental plans consider root canals to be a necessary medical expense. To know exactly what your dental plan covers, call your insurance provider.

If you’re worried about paying for your treatment because you don’t have insurance, you don’t have to worry anymore. Our office can work with you to establish a monthly payment plan, which will enable you to pay off the cost of your root canal in installments.

When severe tooth pain has you feeling down and out, give our dentists a call. We’re always on hand to meet your dental care needs.

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