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What’s Bone Grafting?

If you have missing teeth, the surrounding bone in your jaw can deteriorate over time, making it unsuitable for the placement of a dental implant. Bone grafting is a dental procedure that can increase the amount of bone available by taking a piece of bone from another part of the body and moving it to the jawbone. After your tooth bone graft procedure, you’ll have to wait a few months for bone maturation to take place before you receive your dental implant. The procedure is performed under anesthesia to help keep you comfortable.

Bone Grafting Average Cost

Your bone graft cost is affected by your insurance coverage, the source material used, and if more than one procedure is required. In comparison to synthetic bone, harvested bone generally costs more and requires an additional surgical procedure.

Is a Sinus Lift Painful?

A sinus lift implant is performed when there is not enough bone in your jaw to support a dental implant. Bone is added to the area of your jaw near the molars and premolars, and the procedure is called a sinus lift because the sinus membrane is raised to allow room for the implant. The procedure is performed under anesthesia, so you won’t experience any pain during the surgery. Most patients only report minor discomfort after the procedure.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Overview

Our dentists that use sedation dentistry offer a combination of medications to reduce your fear and anxiety and help prevent pain during dental procedures. Examples of sedation dentistry services include oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation or general anesthesia if you’re receiving oral surgery.

Average Cost of Sedation Dentistry

The main factor in determining your sedation dentistry cost is the type of sedation you receive. Oral sedation and nitrous oxide tend to be less expensive than IV sedation. Some insurance plans include coverage for dental sedation, so contact your provider before receiving treatment.

Tooth Extractions

What’s Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Surgical extractions are performed when a tooth hasn’t completely emerged from the gums or if it’s broken above the gum line, and it’s a little more involved compared to a simple extraction. So the tooth can be removed, the oral surgeon makes a small cut at the gum line. Sedation is used during the dental extraction, so the procedure is painless and you remain comfortable.

Tooth Extraction Average Cost

Dental extraction cost is different for every patient and is determined by your insurance coverage, the location of the affected tooth, and if you need any additional appointments. To consult with our oral surgeon and learn more about treatment and anticipated costs, contact us to make an appointment.

Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Painful?

It’s a common misconception that wisdom teeth removal is painful, but using anesthesia will keep you comfortable and pain free throughout the procedure. The procedure is designed to relieve pain caused by impacted or infected wisdom teeth. Following the extraction procedure, your oral surgeon will provide aftercare instructions to help reduce discomfort.

Oral Pathology

Examples of Oral Pathology Diseases

Oral pathology is an area of dentistry that focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases such as oral cancer. We recommend consulting with an oral pathologist if you’ve noticed symptoms, such as a painful sore, discoloration, a lump, or thickening in your mouth. Please contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment for dental oral pathology.

Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Our dentists use the latest technology to conduct oral cancer screenings during your routine visit. Performed once a year, the dentist will identify any precancerous spots or other signs of cancer during the screening. An early oral cancer diagnosis can make the difference in treatment outcomes.

What Does Oral Cancer Treatment Cost?

Many factors can influence oral cancer treatment cost, including your insurance, the type of cancer you have, whether you require surgery, and how many chemotherapy sessions are needed. In order to achieve the most effective results, the specific needs of each patient will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Our team is dedicated to finding the best oral cancer treatment that best meets your needs.

IV Sedation

Sleep Dentistry Overview

Also known as sleep dentistry, IV sedation allows you to sleep gently while the dentist performs treatment. If you have a fear of the dentist or need a complex procedure, you may be a candidate for IV sedation. Get in touch with us to learn more about sleep dentistry.

IV Sedation Dentistry Total Cost

Your dental sedation cost is determined by the length of your appointment, the expertise of your dentist, and if sedation is covered by your insurance. When you come into our office, the dentist will provide you an estimate of your anticipated costs.

Oral Surgeon

When to See an Oral Surgeon?

Oral surgeons typically specialize in dental oral surgery. They offer treatments for sleep and breathing problems, impacted or infected wisdom teeth, placement of dental implants, and oral cancer.

Is Oral Surgery Expensive?

The cost of oral surgery is different for every patient and is based on your dental insurance and the treatment you need. Concerns about the cost of your oral surgery cost is understandable, but our oral surgeons are committed to making dental care affordable for every patient. Please contact us for more information about your expected costs, whether your treatment is covered by insurance, or other payment options.

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