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Dental Crowns

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What Can You Tell Me About the Different Kinds of Dental Crowns?

No matter what materials they are made of, dental crowns work as a cap that covers a damaged tooth. They make your teeth stronger and can also aid in correcting their appearance. Ceramic, gold and porcelain are popular types of dental crowns.

What Is the Overall Cost of a Dental Crown?

Many of our patients are understandably concerned about the cost of their dental crowns. The amount you will need to pay will vary according to factors like the condition of your teeth, the location where the crown will be placed, and your insurance provider.

Dental Bridges

How Many Different Types of Dental Bridges Are There?

Commonly prescribed in instances where a patient has one or more teeth missing, bridges are available in an array of styles. These styles include traditional, single-tooth, cantilever and partial. The type of bridge you need will be determined by your unique dental needs.

Will My Dental Bridge Be Affordable?

Dental bridges are always custom, meaning your bill will be different from another patient’s. Factors that influence what you will pay are the number of false teeth used, the materials selected, and how complex your bridge placement procedure will be.


Can You Give Me More Information On Dentures?

Patients who are missing several teeth may be good candidates for partial or full dentures. Our office in provides a variety of options for dentures to assist you in restoring your smile’s radiance. Book a consultation to learn more about the types of dentures we offer.

How Much Can I Expect My Expenses for Dentures to Be?

The total of your bill for your new dentures will be determined by the style of dentures you choose. If you’re concerned about how you will pay for your dentures, ask one of our dentists about what kind of payment options may be available to you.

Will My Full Dentures Look Like My Real Teeth?

Your full dentures will be made from a natural in appearance acrylic resin material that will match the color of your gums. This means that your dentures will both look the same and function the same as your real teeth. Your dentures will stay put in your mouth via the use of dental implants or adhesive.

What Can I Expect to Pay for Partial Dentures?

Your total bill for your partial dentures will factor in things like the type of materials used, whether or not you need a metal framework to hold the dentures in place and the overall status of your dental health. Partial dentures are a less invasive option than other forms of dentures, so they tend to be more affordable.

Are Flipper Teeth a Good Option for Me?

If you are missing one or more teeth and are in need of a temporary partial denture until a more permanent solution can occur, then flipper teeth may be a good option for you.

What’s the Procedure for Immediate Dentures?

If you decide on Immediate Dentures, your dentist will take a mold of your mouth during your first visit. Within three to four weeks, you will return to have any necessary tooth extractions performed and to receive your final dentures. While you may need more than two visits, the entire process usually can be completed in two steps.

Dental Fillings

How Long Can I Expect My Dental Fillings to Last?

The length of time that your fillings will last will vary depending on the type of fillings you have. Less durable materials will generally last around five years, while more durable materials can last up to 15 years.

Are Cavity Fillings Expensive?

The cost of your fillings will depend on the materials used. Many dental insurance providers offer some type of coverage for cavity fillings. Check with your provider to discover what your plan covers.

Are Composite Tooth Fillings Safe?

Composite tooth fillings are a safe and durable option to fill small to mid-sized cavities. These tooth fillings blend in with the color of your teeth, making them a popular option for many of our patients.


What Is an Onlay?

An onlay is a type of mold that is placed on the biting surface and cusp of the tooth in instances where a cavity filling needs replaced. They are frequently used for patients who have extensive cavities.

Are Dental Onlays Affordable?

The affordability of your dental onlay will depend on a number of factors. Your dentist will offer you an estimate of the anticipated costs after assessing the affected tooth.

What Is the Function of a Dental Overlay?

Dental overlays provide an extensive amount of coverage to damaged teeth. They protect and improve the appearance of your teeth. Contact our team to learn more about dental overlays and how they can help you to restore your smile.

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