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Can I Talk to a Dentist About the Various Types of Braces?

Certainly, call us today and request an orthodontic consultation. For our current patients, the consultation is free of charge.

Invisalign® and Clear Braces

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What Makes Invisalign® Different?

Invisalign® uses clear, plastic alignment trays to gently move teeth. Every two weeks, you get a new tray that moves your teeth a little more in the right direction. Unlike braces, the aligners are removable. Although, you need to wear the aligner for at least 22 hours a day.

What Do Invisalign Braces Cost?

Invisalign is a series of aligner trays that resemble retainers. Your treatment cost is determined by the degree of misalignment that you want to correct, since this determines the number of aligners that you will need. Your dentist can give you an estimate of the total cost for your Invisalign treatment after an evaluation of your teeth.

Clear Braces vs. Invisalign

Invisalign is a virtually invisible appliance that is removable. Clear braces cannot be removed and they are more visible, although not nearly as evident as metal braces.

What Are Clear Braces Made From?

Clear braces are usually made from ceramic; however, they also can be made of a plastic-like material or porcelain. Our dentist will explain what material is appropriate in your case, since the materials each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What Do People Pay for Clear Braces?

Your clear braces cost will primarily depend on the degree of misalignment the braces must correct. Other factors that may influence your cost include your age and your dental insurance coverage. Call our office and schedule a complimentary consultation to learn what your clear braces will cost.

Are Clear Braces as Invisible as Invisalign?

No, someone could tell you are wearing clear braces if they are sitting next to you, while they probably would not notice if you had an Invisalign aligner on your teeth. Clear braces don’t stand out though; once people see them, they will probably forget that you are wearing braces.

Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, and Self-Ligating Brackets

How Are Metal Braces Installed?

A dentist will cement a bracket onto each tooth. Afterwards, he or she will put the archwire in place. Expect the process to last for at least an hour.

Are Metal Braces the Least Expensive of All My Options?

Yes, metal braces are the most economical option for straightening your teeth. Your cost for metal braces is determined by the severity of your misalignment. Call our office to arrange a consultation. Our dentist will explain why you shouldn’t pick braces based on cost alone.

How Do Metal Braces Compare to Invisalign for Severe Misalignments?

Metal braces are the strongest teeth straightening option. Invisalign cannot usually handle severe cases of teeth misalignments.

Why Should I Consider Self-Ligating Brackets?

The main reason to consider self-ligating brackets apply less force on your teeth, so you should experience less discomfort.

How Much Extra Do Self-Ligating Brackets Cost?

Self-ligating brackets do cost more than regular brackets. During your consultation, our dentist will go over the benefits of self-ligating brackets so you can decide if they are worth the extra cost.

Orthodontics, Phase 1

Where Do I Turn for Orthodontic Treatment in ?

All you need to do is call our office and schedule a consultation. We have several affordable options to straighten your teeth.

What Would I Pay for Orthodontic Treatment?

Your orthodontic treatment cost depends on the severity of your problem, the braces you select and whether you have dental insurance coverage.

Is an Orthodontist or a Dentist Better for Braces?

Both dentists and orthodontists skillfully fit patients with braces. At our office in , we refer patients with a misaligned jaw or other complex issue to an orthodontist, who has had two to three more years training in treating complicated orthodontic issues.

Why Would a Child Need Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment?

Phase 1 treatment will possibly minimize teeth alignment or bite problems. Even though a child still has his or her baby teeth, it is not too early to make sure that everything is alright. Early intervention could possibly help your child avoid major problems in the future.

What Will Phase 1 Orthodontics Cost Me?

The Phase 1 cost is something that you should speak to your dentist about, since he or she knows what your child needs.

At What Age Will Phase 2 Orthodontics Start?

Phase 2 orthodontic procedures are for children that already have most of their permanent teeth. Braces are the most common Phase 2 orthodontic treatment.

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