Root Canals in Houston

Do you have a severe toothache and your gum is swollen and tender? Does hot or cold sensitivity linger after the stimulus is gone? These symptoms generally indicate that you will very likely need a root canal. Give Ideal Dental of Clear Lake a call if those symptoms sound familiar. Our dentists specialize in saving teeth through root canal therapy. We will try our best to have you see a dentist quickly if you are in severe pain.

The Root Canal Procedure

Root Canals in [GEOID]

No matter what you may have heard, a root canal treatment is a virtually pain-free procedure. Root canals relieve pain because the infected or inflamed pulp is removed, along with the nerves. A root canal is a standard treatment for pain resulting from decay or infection in the tooth’s pulp. People say that it does not hurt any more than having a cavity filled.

What Are the Steps Performed During a Root Canal Procedure?

During your visit, our dentist will:

  • Numb the area by administering a local anesthetic
  • Use a rubber dam to keep the tooth free from saliva and prevent additional bacteria from getting into the tooth
  • Create an access cavity in the crown of the tooth
  • Use small instruments to remove the pulp and inner contents of the tooth
  • Wash the canals and reshape them
  • Sterilize the canals and fill them with a biocompatible material
  • Seal the canals and place a temporary filling in the access cavity

Afterwards, you might feel a little sore for a day or so, but the discomfort is nothing that an OTC painkiller cannot handle. Always follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions.

Your dentist will suggest a restoration, either a permanent filling or a crown so your tooth has the same strength as before. This is done on after the tooth heals. While you are waiting for your custom crown, avoid chewing hard foods on the side of your mouth where the root canal was carried out. After the procedure, the tooth is more vulnerable to damage.

The temporary filling you will have will last for up to two months, however you should arrange for your permanent restoration as soon as possible. The crown is an expense that typically is included in your root canal cost, and it is essential. Make sure to check with your dentist about your specific case and what you will need done.

Should I Make an Appointment with a Root Canal Dentist or an Oral Surgeon?

You should start by making an appointment with our root canal dentist, who will perform an examination and look at X-rays of your tooth. You may only need a filling or the infection may be so severe that our dentist has to do an emergency extraction to keep the infection from spreading. In either case, you will save money by having a dentist fill or pull your tooth.

Our dentists specialize in root canals. They are efficient and gentle at the same time. Call us to schedule your examination and your dentist will let you know if he or she can perform the root canal treatment here. In complex cases, your dentist will refer you to an endodontist.

What Do Root Canals Cost?

The goal of root canal therapy is to save natural teeth. If the pulp is infected, the only choices you have are having a root canal or having our dentist pull the tooth. Extracting the tooth may appear more economical at first. Keep in mind, that pulling the tooth will cause your remaining teeth to shift, unless you replace the missing tooth with a bridge or implant. Both are costlier options than root canal therapy.

Your root canal cost depends on the location of the tooth and the cost of your restoration. Dental insurance will usually pay for a percentage of the cost since root canals are a necessary treatment. We understand that without dental insurance, the unexpected cost of a root canal is a hardship for some of our patients. We may be able to arrange a payment plan to spread the cost out over several months.

Call our office to schedule an appointment with our dentist. You don’t have to suffer with tooth pain unnecessarily.

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