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Dental Crowns

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Does Getting a Crown Hurt?

Getting a dental crown does not hurt. First, our dentist makes a mold of your teeth for the lab, which isn’t painful at all. When our dentist prepares the tooth, you will have a local anesthetic that numbs the area completely. When our dentist places the crown, you won’t need any anesthetic, as it is not painful.

What’s the Cost for a Dental Crown?

Your cost for a dental crown depends on the crown material used, the damaged tooth’s location, and your dental insurance coverage or other dental discount plans. Our dentist can provide an estimate of the cost after your examination. Call our office to schedule your initial appointment.

Dental Bridges

Is Having a Dental Bridge Comfortable?

Your bridge is made from impressions made by our dentist. The bridge will look like the surrounding teeth and it will be comfortable to wear. You will not leave our office after our dentist places the bridge until we are sure it is comfortable, even when you bite down. If you feel any discomfort after a few days, call our office and we will arrange for you to come in for an adjustment.

What Do Tooth Bridges Cost?

The cost for a tooth bridge will vary considerably. We consider the number of artificial teeth in the bridge and the material used to fabricate the crowns when determining your cost. If you have dental insurance, your plan may cover a portion of the cost of your tooth bridge.


Where Can I Find a Cypress Dentist that Offers Dentures?

Contact our office and request a consultation with our dentist. We offer affordable full and partial dentures, along with flexible partials and immediate dentures.

Can I Eat What I Want with Full Dentures?

Once you get used to eating with your dentures, you can eat the foods that you enjoy, although sticky foods are usually off limits. Full dentures come in many different styles and some make eating easier, like implant-supported dentures.

What Do Dentures Cost?

Your cost for dentures depends on the type of denture, whether you need any extractions and your dental insurance. Our dentist can go over your options with you and give you an estimated cost for your dentures.

How Much Will I Pay for Partial Dentures?

Your cost for partial dentures will depend on the number of teeth in the denture, your dental insurance and whether you select flexible partials.

What Are Temporary Flippers?

If you don’t want to go without teeth in between appointments, ask our dentist about flippers. Flippers offer a fast, affordable way to have temporary teeth to wear while you wait for a more permanent restoration.

Do I Ever Have to Go Without Teeth with an Immediate Denture?

With an immediate denture, you can have a full or partial denture to wear immediately after our dentist extracts your natural teeth. A dental lab will have already made your denture from an impression the dentist took weeks ago, meaning it will be placed after the extraction. If you would like immediate dentures, call our office to schedule an appointment.

Dental Fillings

Where Can I Get a Cavity Filled Near Me?

If you need a cavity filled, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Our dentists like to ensure our patients are comfortable during dental filling procedures with a local anesthetic.

What Will a Dental Filling Cost?

The price you will pay for a filling depends on the filling material used and your dental insurance coverage.

Can a Composite Filling Support a Tooth?

Since a composite filling will bond to the surface of your tooth, it supports the tooth. Before you have a cavity filled, our dentist will ask you if you would rather have a metal or a composite tooth filling.


How Long Can an Onlay Last?

Because of the durable materials used, an onlay restoration can last for nearly 30 years. Our dentist may discuss an onlay with you if you have a loose filling in one of your back teeth.

How Much Are Dental Onlays?

The cost for your dental onlay will depend on the material used for the onlay and the affected tooth position. Our dentist can provide you with an estimate beforehand.

How Are Dental Overlays Used?

Overlays restore teeth damaged by decay or trauma. While they are used like a filling, an overlay is made in a dental lab and placed by a dentist, covering a larger area than a traditional filling.

How Much do Dental Overlays Typically Cost?

An overlay tends to be larger than an onlay, so the cost is slightly higher.

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