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Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you need extensive treatment, our dentist will design a full mouth reconstruction plan that covers everything you will need to have an attractive, healthy smile. Contact our office for a consultation if you would like to take care of all of your dental problems at once with one dentist.

Will a Full Mouth Reconstruction Fix Everything That is Wrong with My Teeth?

Yes, our dentist will run a full range of diagnostic procedures to discover what you will need. Once he or she has done this, you and your dentist will create a treatment plan, choosing restoration procedures and restoration materials. You will learn what needs to be done first, so there are advantages of having one dentist take care of all of your needs. We also work with accident or injury victims who need extensive work done to their mouth.

Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction Expensive?

Your full mouth reconstruction cost will depend on the current condition of your mouth, plus the restorations and the restoration materials that you select. Our dentist will provide an estimated total after a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. If you have dental insurance, we will work to get you the maximum benefit. Moreover, we may be able to offer you financing options. Call for your consultation and take the first step toward a new smile.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment

Do you want a dazzling smile? Years of red wine, coffee drinking or smoking can make your pearly whites not so white anymore. The stains creep up gradually, until one day you notice that your teeth are aging you. Our affordable teeth whitening treatment in will remove the stains on your teeth in about an hour.

How Do Dentists Whiten Teeth?

Our office uses a strong bleaching gel, which is only available to dental professions who can protect their patient’s gums. Professional teeth whitening removes food and beverage stains, and stains from smoking. The bleaching agent cannot whiten teeth darkened from internal trauma or decay.

How Much Does an Appointment with a Teeth Whitening Dentist Cost?

The cost of your teeth whitening procedure will depend on how stained your teeth are and if your dentist needs to match the color of your teeth to existing restorations. Call us today to arrange a teeth whitening consultation.

What Are Professional Teeth Whitening Kits for Home Use?

Our dentist offers kits that you can take home, either as an alternative to in-office whitening or to enhance an in-office procedure. The kit will contain professional-grade whitening gel formulated specifically for you. Additionally, you will have a custom tray to use, which will keep the whitening gel off of your gums. You will need to follow our dentist’s instructions to achieve your goal of whiter teeth.

Dental Veneers

Want more noticeably straight teeth? Dental veneers can help your teeth appear all the same size, shape and bright, white color. The average person considers a dental veneer to hide a chipped, discolored or irregularly shaped tooth easily and affordably.

Why Cosmetic Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain custom made to fit over a tooth. Once a dentist attaches the cosmetic veneer to the tooth, it is not removable. Veneers are the same size, shape and color of the surrounding teeth. Veneers can also be made of composite resin material.

What Does it Cost to Get Cosmetic Veneers?

We base your cost for cosmetic veneers on the number of veneers you need and the veneer’s material. The complexity of covering gaps or evidence of gum disease also affects your cost. Dental insurance plans do not typically cover veneers, but our financing option may make it easier for you to get the smile you deserve. Contact us for more information.

Why Porcelain Cosmetic Veneers?

Porcelain veneers look like natural teeth; it would be difficult for anyone to notice that a veneer is covering one of your teeth. Porcelain is more life-like than composite material. Porcelain veneers are custom-made for you in a dental lab; therefore, they require two visits to the dentist.

What Does it Cost for Porcelain Veneers?

Call us for a consultation and our dentist can review your needs and determine the number of veneers that you will need to cover the flaws that are bothering you. Your dentist can give you a price after the consultation. We offer flexible financing options to help our patients achieve their smile goals, so contact us for details.

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