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Dental Crowns

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What Can You Tell Me About Dental Crowns?

If you have a damaged tooth, you may be interested in learning more about dental crowns. A dental crown is a type of cap that is affixed to the tooth, protecting it and improving its aesthetic appearance. Dental crowns are almost always made out of porcelain, gold or ceramic.

What Will My Expenses for My Dental Crown Be?

Your bill’s total will be based on your dental insurance coverage, the materials used to fabricate your crown, the location of the crown, and other factors.

Dental Bridges

How Do Dental Bridges Function?

A dental bridge functions as a replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. They are constructed with a variety of materials and typically utilize one or more artificial teeth in between the bridge materials. Commonly used bridges include traditional, single-tooth, partial and cantilever.

Can You Tell Me What I Will Have to Pay for a Dental Bridge?

What you will pay for your dental bridge will be determined by the complexity of your bridge, the materials used for your bridge, and the number of artificial teeth that you need.


Are Dentures Comfortable?

If you are missing several teeth, you may be interested in learning more about full or partial dentures. Dentures can be a comfortable way to return your smile to its natural state. If you think you may be a good candidate for dentures, book an appointment with our knowledgeable dentists in .

How Much Will New Dentures Cost?

The cost of new dentures is based on the type of dentures you choose. Talk to our dentists to receive an estimate of what you may owe.

How Much Will My Full Dentures Cost?

Implant-supported dentures tend to cost more than adhesive based dentures. The materials used to construct the dentures and your dental insurance will also play a part in the amount you will have to pay.

Do Partial Dentures Look Like Real Teeth?

Fabricated from plastic materials that closely resemble the look of your natural teeth and gums, partial dentures are a great option for patients who want removable dentures. Partial dentures can be custom-fitted to the contours of your gums or you may choose dentures that utilize a metal framework with clasps that can hold your dentures in place.

Will Flipper Teeth Work for Me?

If you’re on the hunt for lightweight and easily removable partial dentures, flipper teeth may be a good choice for you. These are often used as temporary replacements for one or more missing teeth.

How Much Will My Expenses for Immediate Dentures Be?

The total cost of your Immediate Dentures will be determined by how many visits it takes for the impression of your mouth to be taken and how many tooth extraction procedures are necessary. Most patients are able to complete the entire process in just two stages.

Dental Fillings

How Long Will My Cavity Fillings Stay In?

You can expect your fillings to remain in your teeth for anywhere between 5 and 15 years. The amount of time they will last depends on the type of materials used by your dentist to fill your teeth.

What’s the Average Cost of a Tooth Filling?

Tooth fillings are typically considered to be necessary medical procedures. This means that your dental insurance most likely offers some form of coverage for them. The exact total that you will have to pay will depend on your insurance and the types of fillings used.

Do Composite Fillings Hurt?

The entire process of getting composite fillings is done under local anesthetic. You will be comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Composite fillings are both durable and comfortable.


What Is the Purpose of an Onlay?

Dental onlays serve the purpose of completely covering a tooth that is missing an old filling or that has suffered extensive damage due to decay.

What Is the Price for Onlays?

You will be given an outline of the expected costs of your dental onlays when you visit one of our dentists in .

How Expensive Are Dental Overlays?

If your dentist has recommended that you receive dental overlays due to extensively damaged teeth, you may be concerned about the cost. Pick up the phone and call us to discuss our prices for dental overlays.

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