Fillings, Crowns, Bridges & Dentures in Euless

Dental Crowns

Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and Inlay or Onlay Restorations in [GEOID]

What Types of Dental Crowns Can I Have?

Our dental practice offers a number of different options for crowns, including gold, porcelain, metal, and stainless steel. We will discuss the costs and benefits of each of these types of dental crowns with you during your initial consultation with us. This will allow you to make the best choice for your situation.

Are Dental Crowns Expensive?

Dental crowns can be costly, especially if you choose gold or porcelain materials. We can work with you and your dental insurance provider to determine which option is affordable and practical for your preferences.

Dental Bridges

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are available in a range of styles and configurations, including fused and bonded, traditional and cantilever varieties. We will examine your teeth and provide you with our recommendations for the right dental bridge for your needs. Your dental bridge can fill in the gaps in your smile and help you make the right first impression every time.

How Much Will I Pay for a Dental Bridge in Euless?

The price you and your family will pay for your dental bridge will depend on the complexity of your tooth configuration and the type of materials used in its construction. We can work with your dental plan to make sure that your insurance covers as much of your care as possible.


Where Can I Get Dentures in Euless?

Our office is a great place to start when looking for dentures in our area. We offer a full lineup of denture options that include partial, full, flipper teeth, immediate, and traditional dentures, all designed especially for you.

Are Dentures Going to Be Expensive?

The price you will pay for your dentures depends on a few factors:

• Whether you need full or partial dentures
• If your dentures are removable or attached to dental implants
• The materials chosen for your dentures
• Whether you opt for traditional or immediate dentures

Our team of dental professionals will work with you to keep your costs as low as possible.

What Do Full Dentures Entail?

The goal for full dentures is to replace all of your natural teeth in appearance and in function. To this end, we work to make your dentures look like your real teeth. We want your dentures to allow you to chew and speak normally.

Why Do I Need Partial Dentures?

If you have gaps in your teeth, partial dentures can serve as replacements for missing teeth. Partial dentures are great for individuals that still have healthy teeth. Replacing your missing teeth can give you greater self-confidence.

Do I Want Flipper Teeth?

Flipper dentures are small, lightweight appliances that can replace one or two teeth in an easy and convenient way.

Why Would I Choose Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are ideal choices for patients who do not want to go without teeth during the period after their teeth are extracted and before traditional dentures are ready for application. These dental appliances are applied immediately after extraction of your teeth and provide you with working teeth that can be used to chew, speak, and to maintain a natural appearance after your extractions.

Dental Fillings

Can Dental Fillings Fall Out?

If your tooth deteriorates over time, your filling may become loose and could even fall out. This could leave you vulnerable to additional damage to the tooth. A visit to our office can provide you with the effective treatment you need to resolve this issue quickly.

What Will I Spend to Get Dental Fillings?

The cost of your filling will depend on the amount of preparation needed to get the tooth ready and the materials chosen for your filling.

What Is a Composite Filling?

Composite fillings are used for front or side teeth and can sometimes be custom-matched to the color of your existing teeth to make these dental treatments as unobtrusive as possible.


Are Dental Onlays Needed for Cavities?

Like a filling, a dental onlay is designed to fill a cavity. Onlays can replace the cusp or raised part of the chewing surface to provide added functionality for damaged teeth.

Are Onlays Expensive?

Dental onlays are usually more expensive than fillings because they require added fabrication time and effort.

Do I Need a Dental Overlay?

An onlay replaces a smaller area than an overlay, oftentimes just the biting surface of the tooth and part of the cusps. Dental overlays are more like crowns and cover the entire surface of the tooth for improved chewing.

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