Root Canals in Forney

Before root canal therapy was available, severely diseased teeth had to be extracted. Luckily, root canal treatment is available today, helping patients save their severely infected and diseased teeth. If you worry that your tooth is infected or if you’re experiencing severe oral pain, contact us today. Our dentists specialize in endodontic/root canal therapy, and we’re proud to help you restore your smile while preserving your natural teeth.

Root Canal Procedure

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Even if your teeth are acutely damaged, root canal treatment may be a viable option for you. Our dentists will help determine whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure and explain the ins and outs of a root canal. They’ll also answer any questions you have and schedule a convenient time for the root canal procedure. Once it’s complete, you’ll enjoy a healthier, more functional smile.

What Does a Root Canal Procedure Entail?

The thought of a root canal procedure may make some patients apprehensive, but a root canal is usually a painless, clear-cut procedure. You can rest assured that dentists save millions of teeth with root canals each year, helping their patients enjoy pain-free, healthier smiles.

In many cases, a root canal is necessary when decay spreads deep into the tooth, to the pulp and root canals of the tooth. The pulp is a soft tissue that contains sensitive nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissues. The pulp can also become inflamed and diseased when a crown becomes loose, a filling fails or the tooth sustains structural damage like a crack or chip.

If left untreated, the tooth infection can spread or worsen, leading to a serious dental abscess. A root canal can relieve your pain and improve your tooth’s health. During the procedure, your dentist will meticulously remove the infected tooth pulp and disinfect the root canals. The now-empty canals are filled with a biocompatible material, often called gutta percha, to seal the space and prevent further infection. Finally, a crown is made to fit over the tooth to protect it and restore your tooth’s healthy function. Throughout the entire process, a local anesthetic is used to keep you comfortable.

Do I Need a Root Canal Dentist or Specialist?

There’s no need to worry about your oral pain or wonder where you can find a dentist that specializes in root canals. Simply call our office to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentists. We’ll evaluate your affected teeth, determine whether your procedure can be performed in our office and develop a treatment plan for you. In many cases, general dentists can perform simple root canal procedures. Molars are more complex because they have multiple canal systems, so patients with infected molars may be referred to an endodontist. Endodontists also handle complicated root canal procedures.

What’s the Cost for a Root Canal Treatment?

If you need a root canal, it’s expected that you may have some questions about root canal costs. Keep in mind, though, that those cost concerns should not keep you from seeking the treatment you need. Without the treatment, your tooth infection could spread to your face and neck, it can lead to an unhealthy dental abscess, and it can ultimately cause you to lose your tooth entirely.

Root canal prices usually include both the cost of the procedure and the dental crown. Those prices also depend on which tooth is involved and how severely it’s infected. Since root canals are considered a medical necessity, most dental insurance plans cover root canals. While insurance coverage varies from one plan to the next, we’ll work closely with your insurer so you receive the maximum coverage for the procedure and crown.

We also take other steps to ensure your access to affordable root canals. If you don’t have insurance, we may be able to help you find a cost-saving solution. We also offer dental payment plans so you can repay your costs over time.

If you have tooth or gum pain, don’t give up on having healthy teeth. Contact us today to get the information you need about root canal treatment. We’re looking forward to relieving your pain and helping to restore your healthy smile.

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