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  • 5.0

    Zara G.

    February 15, 2020 | From: Google

    Usually I don’t like to write reviews but every now and then service is so exceptional that I have to break the norm. I highly recommend Dr Kirmal Joseph. She is so caring and makes the entire process seamless. I had several dental procedures done by her and can’t find a single flaw in her work. It’s so hard to find a good dentist so I am writing this review to make the search easier for other patients like me.
  • 5.0

    Karen W.

    November 12, 2019 | From: Google

    We enjoy coming to this location to get our teeth clean. The Staff make me feel welcome and always treat us like family. I can sit and talk for days with Larissa and Chanita. They make you feel good about coming to get a root canal or other treatment. These ladies takes the fear out of the dental offfice. Thanks ladies… : ) See you guys soon
  • 5.0

    Poncho C.

    November 11, 2019 | From: Google

    The office was neat and clean..people there had smiles my Dr performed so good and handled those tools like a pain at all ..i can smile again😁👊🏽💯
  • 5.0

    Shelby A.

    November 07, 2019 | From: Google

    Larissa and Christy were the absolute best!!!! I had the absolute best experience at this location. Not only did they educate me on my teeth, but they also made me feel confident about my smile. Very professional and encouraging. I highly recommend this location to anyone!!! Ask for Larissa or Christy!!!!
  • 5.0

    Stanley A.

    November 06, 2019 | From: Google

    I haven’t been to the dentist in a while but I’m glad I did because I couldn’t of asked for a better experience! Ideal dental took care of me and gave me the confidence to go more frequently! Debra made me feel very comfortable getting ready for my cleaning and Christy did a fantastic job with the whole cleaning process. I was pretty scared at first but now I want to go all the time. Thank you guys
  • 5.0

    Kamelia S.

    November 01, 2019 | From: Google

    My experience at Ideal Dental was amazing. I called and set my appointment with Chanita. She got my information over the phone to speed up the process. She was so nice. I was greeted as soon as i walked in by her and the staff. Everyone seem to be having a great day. The dental assistant and was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable. i would recommend Ideal Dental Garland to everyone. The dentist was so nice. Talking to him felt like i have been knowing him all my life. The staff all took it very serious that i understood the financials/benefits during my visit. I really liked that because i had an experience where when i was done being serviced by the dentist i was unaware of how much i was paying out of pocket. That’s very important to me and thank Ideal Dental for that. The next day i got a call from the dentist checking up on me. I will be back to Ideal Dental Garland.
  • 5.0

    Sean C.

    October 03, 2019 | From: Google

    Dr. Karim and her Periodontics team are possibly the best oral surgeons in Dallas. I went in for fairly extensive gum replacement surgery to cover exposed roots on both sides of my mouth, and I had *no pain* after the surgery! I didn’t need to take a single pain killer after her grafts, and the grafts both took magnificently. I could not be happier about my experience or the results. The surgery is quick, the team is endlessly passionate and professional, and the results are second to none.
  • 5.0

    Steve N.

    July 18, 2019 | From: Google

    I love the staff at this location they are so helpful
  • 5.0

    Jarrett J.

    June 09, 2018 | From: Facebook

    Great place and friendly staff and affordable.
  • 5.0

    Ruby D.

    January 07, 2017 | From: Yelp

    I recently just had cleaning apt there. The receptionist was very nice. My dental hygienist ( meetra) is very sweet and gentle. Dr loving is also very adorable. This is my second time here, and both times had been super
  • 5.0

    Kristi S.

    April 17, 2014 | From: Yelp

    I just recently started going to Ideal Dental. I heard the add on the radio and you can’t beat free whitening for life!! I absolutely despise going to the dentist…it’s been 15 years since the last time I saw one! These guys really did a great job of putting me at ease…I am a ridiculous baby when it comes to my teeth, they are super sensitive and it makes me cringe when they so much as look at them! Of course, being that it’s been tenteen years passed, I needed a deep cleaning to remove the lifetime of scuzz from my chompers. I made it VERY clear my anxiety with dental procedures and everyone was very accommodating. I asked to be completely numbed as well as given the highest dose of gas possible and they made it happen. Henry, my dental hygienist was very sweet and thorough. He made me very comfortable. Dr. Adams was funny and very patient with me, as there were several times we had to take a break so I could relax! I can’t think of my dental assistants name for the life of me, (so sorry)…but at one point the sounds of them grinding away the plaque were sending me in to a full blown panic attack, and she offered me her personal ear buds to listen to music on my phone to drown it out, which I gladly accepted! So thoughtful and nice of her!! Dr. Adams was not rude or pushy about my lack of regular dental maintenance…as a matter of fact, he was complimentary of my nice straight smile and surprisingly good teeth for it having been so long! He encouraged me throughout the procedure, cracked jokes, and told me how pretty my teeth were looking as he made progress during the cleaning. Such an awful, yet great, experience! I just went back for my follow up appointment and they put me on a treatment plan that is tolerable, yet fairly aggressive, to get my grill back on track! Yay for healthy teeth and gums! I also got my tray molds for my whitener, which I pick up tomorrow, so I’m super stoked! All of the office ladies are really nice and helpful as well! Crystal, especially, was so sweet to answer my one million questions along with giving me an impromptu ortho consult with Dr. Chow (who was also really awesome!) and estimate on Invisaline and braces for my kiddos! Overall, even though going to the dentist is the closest thing to hell on earth for me, I am very glad I found an amazing family dentist’s office that made it as “pleasant” as possible!!
  • 5.0

    Jennifer M.

    May 22, 2013 | From: Yelp

    I find it funny I decided to post a comment about my first visit to the office this past Saturday because I was beyond impressed with the way the staff handled a very rude and demeaning customer in the lobby, come to see she has posted a nasty review below and maybe i heard wrong but that story is far from the truth. I will only comment on what I experienced, I brought my daughter and myself for a routine check up she has feared the dentist due to a bad experience. I made the front office aware of this prior to our appointment they had a coloring page ready for her with her name welcoming her to the office as well as a glove blown up as a balloon. I went first so she could see there was nothing to fear, the doctor was amazing with her knowing her fears he was not rushed, talked to us both for quite sometime. I had some work that I knew needed to be done but money is tight, I was not pressured like I have been in the past. While my daughter, myself, my cleaning lady and the doctor were in the room we could hear a very rude customer up front cursing and yelling at the two front office girls as they remained very calm and helpful. Upon checkout they apologized to me for the outburst I overheard, I told them they handled the situation with the most poise I have ever witnessed in my 20 years in customer service. Kudos to them for tolerating that “lady” as she kept calling them in a demeaning way. You have gained my respect and business. Can’t wait to get started on my work!
  • 5.0

    Mary M.

    May 18, 2013 | From: Yelp

    My experience with Ideal has been great, thus far. Ive done my exam, cleanings, and (soon) fillings at the Uptown location, and in need of extractions which will be done at the (Garland) location. Tessa has been great at helping me get everything in order and working with my insurance. The costs can be pretty hefty even with insurance and so it’s nice that they have the option to do the financing through CareCredit for 12mo at 0%interest, as I already have an account that I typically use with my dog’s vet. They were also able to work around my schedule and get me in to do my extractions done pretty quickly. Wisdom teeth can be a pain and even more at this age :/
  • 5.0

    Frank W.

    February 20, 2013 | From: Yelp

    First of all, let me admit that I am a coward when it comes to tooth pain and dentists in general. I have had some dental work done here at Ideal over the last few years (crowns, canals, fillings, etc) and not once have I experienced any pain. And for me, that is priority number 1. All work has been performed quickly, expertly, and pain free. Staff is kind, caring and highly professional. Highly recommend. My son just turned 18 and had been using a children’s dentist. We are now moving him to Ideal Dental.
  • 4.0

    Dev S.

    June 08, 2012 | From: Yelp

    I have been going to Ideal for the past 2 months and the staff is great. They are very accommodating when it comes to treatment and helping me with insurance. Every time I walk in the office I am greeted and they sign me in. Each time I have been there I am called back within 10 minutes of arriving. The treatment areas are nice. They have TVs where you can request channels to watch. I try to pick the most off the wall shows I watch like SWAMP PEOPLE or WILD JUSTICE to watch while I am in the chair. I had a root canal a month ago and I must say it was the best treatment I had from a dentist. After I had the root canal I got a call that night from Dr. Adams and a few days after to see how I was doing. He called from his home phone and made sure I got home safe and was feeling ok. You dont hear of that bedside manor anymore and it made me a fan. Everyone is always nice and will work with you if you have any needs. I will be going back to Ideal for all of my dental needs.