Root Canals in Keller

With root canal treatment, patients have a much greater chance of saving their natural teeth and restoring their healthy smiles. Before modern root canal therapy, patients with diseased tooth pulp or severely decayed, infected or damaged teeth could only resolve the problem with a tooth extraction. Now, our experienced dentists who specialize in endodontic procedures like tooth canal therapy can preserve your teeth. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, call us today for an appointment.

Root Canal Procedure

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Root canals are often preferred for restoring oral health and function, even for patients who have seriously diseased teeth. If a root canal can help your oral health, our dentists will explain the treatment to you, address your concerns and discuss how the procedure can help you. Most people find that the procedure is a straightforward and painless way to restore a healthy smile and fully functioning teeth.

How Does My Dentist Perform a Root Canal?

While it’s natural to have questions about a root canal procedure, there’s no need to fear the toot-saving treatment. Dentists save millions of teeth each year by performing root canals, and those procedures help relieve the dental pain associated with deep tooth decay and infection.

Knowing your tooth’s structure may help you to understand the benefits of root canal therapy. The visible, white part of your tooth is covered by enamel, which covers the tooth’s dentin. Beneath the dentin is the tooth’s pulp that fills the tooth’s roots. Nerve tissue and blood vessels make up the tooth’s pulp. A fully developed tooth doesn’t rely on pulp for structural support, but it does provide some sensory function.

Your dentist may recommend that you undergo root canal treatment if your tooth’s pulp has become infected. Infection can be caused by extensive tooth decay, failing crowns or damage to the tooth’s structure. This type of infection often causes tooth and gum pain, and it can lead to swelling, dental abscess and bone loss around the root’s tips.

Root canal procedures are fairly clear-cut. First, your dentist will remove the infected pulp, cleaning and disinfecting inside the tooth to completely remove the bacteria. The tooth’s empty root canals are then filled with a material that is biocompatible, such as gutta percha. A crown is customized to fit atop your tooth, sealing it and providing you with a natural-looking, functional tooth crown. This final step allows you to chew and speak confidently.

Should I Find a Root Canal Dentist or Oral Surgeon?

When you need a root canal, you may not know where to go for help. Our mission is to provide you with the care you need, so a quick call to our office can start you on the right path. Our dentists will examine your teeth, outline an appropriate treatment plan and evaluate whether your procedure can be performed at our office. In many cases, general dentists can perform simple root canals. Sometimes, oral surgeons are also trained to handle basic root canals. Patients with infected molars and patients with complex root canals may be referred to endodontists, who are special root canal dentists. If you’re experiencing tooth or gum pain, contact our office for help.

What Should I Expect to Pay for a Root Canal?

Your root canal costs are determined by several issues, including how severely your tooth is affected and which tooth requires treatment. Your total cost usually includes the price of the actual procedure as well as the price of the dental crown. It’s natural to be concerned about the cost of a dental procedure, but keep in mind that delaying treatment can lead to greater health risks and could result in you losing your tooth altogether.

Most insurance plans cover root canal procedures because the treatment is considered medically necessary. While that insurance coverage fluctuates broadly from one insurance plan to the next, you can check with your provider for details. So that you receive the most benefit possible from your insurance coverage, we work closely with your insurance provider throughout the claims process.

Even if you don’t have dental insurance, affordable solutions are available to you. Ask our team about dental payment plans that can give you the opportunity to repay your balance using an installment method. Sometimes, we also participate in dental savings plans that provide discounts to treatments, such as root canals.

Please don’t resign yourself to suffering from agonizing dental pain or an impaired smile. You can take the first step toward a healthier, pain-free smile by calling our office today. We’re happy to schedule you for an appointment with our skilled dentists who can help you get back on track.

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