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Bone Grafting

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Why Is Dental Bone Grafting Done?

If you want one or more dental implants, you need adequate jawbone structure to anchor the implant. If your jawbone has deteriorated from having missing teeth, a bone graft procedure will add real or synthetic bone, creating a strong foundation for implant placement. You will have to wait several months for the bone graft to heal before having implant surgery.

What Is the Cost for a Bone Graft?

Your personal cost for a bone graft depends on the number of dental implants you will receive and whether all of the areas need bone augmentation. Contact us to arrange a consultation. You’ll choose a bone material (your own bone or synthetic bone) during the consultation, and then you can ask questions and learn your anticipated cost.

When Is the Sinus Lift Procedure Used?

When you don’t have enough bone thickness in your upper jaw for a dental implant, our oral surgeon can do a bone graft procedure. He or she will need to raise your sinuses if there isn’t enough room. Both the bone graft and sinus lift are done at the same time.

Sedation Dentistry

Is There a Sedation Dentist Near Me?

If you need a sedation dentist in Kingwood, call our office to schedule a convenient appointment. We have several sedation methods to choose from; our dentist will help you select the one that is best for you.

Are Sedation Dentists Expensive?

We endeavor to keep our sedation costs affordable, especially since dental insurance policies rarely cover sedation. Your dentist will go over your anticipated cost for sedation with you before to your surgery.

Tooth Extractions

When Might I Need a Tooth Extracted?

Our experienced oral surgeon will extract an abscessed tooth when it isn’t possible to save the tooth. This will keep the infection from possibly spreading to other areas of your mouth. If you have an abscessed tooth that needs to come out, contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

What Does It Cost to Have a Tooth Extracted?

Our tooth extraction fee depends on the difficulty of the extraction, if you choose to have sedation and where the tooth is located in your mouth. If you have dental insurance, your provider may cover the cost of a necessary extraction.

When Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth can cause many problems. If there is an indication that they will cause you problems in the future, early extraction is recommended. If you wait until you are older, you will have a longer recovery time and there is an increased surgical risk. If you’ve been told that you will eventually need your wisdom teeth extracted, call our office to make your initial appointment.

Oral Pathology

What Is Oral Pathology?

Oral pathology is interpreting changes in the mouth and maxillofacial region. Oral surgeons receive training in oral pathology during their hospital residency. If you notice any unusual changes in your mouth, or you have a sore that has not healed for weeks or more, contact our office to make an appointment.

How Much Does an Oral Cancer Screening Cost?

Dentists usually do a basic oral cancer screening during a routine exam. The screening only takes a few minutes and the cost is often included in the exam fee. You may incur a fee if a biopsy is indicated.

Who Treats Oral Cancer?

Oral surgeons treat oral cancer patients as part of a multidisciplinary team that may include radiation and chemotherapy oncologists and other medical professionals.

IV Sedation

Will IV Sedation Knock Me Out?

IV sedation is versatile; our oral surgeon can adjust the dosage to knock you out or put you in a twilight sleep state. Your oral surgeon will review your medical history and allergies to medications before recommending IV sedation.

Is IV Sedation Expensive?

IV sedation is the most expensive sedation option. We will give you an estimate of your cost for IV sedation prior to your surgery. We try our best to make our services affordable to the community.

Oral Surgeon

Where Can I Find an Oral Surgeon in Kingwood?

Call our local oral surgery office; we provide a wide range of affordable oral surgery services.

What Do Oral Surgery Services Cost?

Our oral surgery fees vary widely. We urge you to schedule a consultation where a dentist can access your needs and develop a treatment plan before discussing your anticipated costs for oral surgery.

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