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Dental Crowns

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Are There Different Types of Crowns?

Yes, there are different types of crowns. There are metal and gold crowns, which are very strong and ideal for molar placement. Porcelain and ceramic crowns are life-like; they are perfect for the teeth that are visible when you smile. Our dentist can help you pick the perfect crown based on your goals.

Does the Type of Crown I Get Affect My Cost?

Gold is the most durable crown material, but it is also the most expensive. Our dentist can help you choose a crown that meets your aesthetic needs and one that fits into your budget. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Dental Bridges

Are Tooth Bridges Permanent?

Fixed bridges are permanent restorations that replace adjacent missing teeth. The two healthy teeth on either side of the bridge will have crowns, which are part of the bridge. Only a dentist can remove your fixed tooth bridge.

How Much Will a Dental Bridge Cost Me?

Typically, you pay per artificial tooth in the bridge, although a variety of other factors also help determine the cost of a dental bridge, including the type of bridge and your dental insurance coverage. Many dental insurers contribute to the cost of a bridge, since it is the most economical restoration.


Where Can I Go Locally to Get Dentures?

Call our dentists in Kyle for an appointment. Our dentists offer affordable full and partial dentures. We also offer immediate dentures.

What’s the Usual Price for Dentures?

We determine your price for dentures by the type of denture and the materials used to fabricate your restoration. Dental insurance usually covers dentures since they are the most economical full mouth restoration available.

Is it Easy to Eat with Fixed Dentures?

Yes, you can eat most foods. However, it will take you about a week to be completely comfortable eating with your new full dentures. Our dentist will let you know what foods you should avoid, if any.

Are Partial Dentures Removable?

Removable partial dentures are the ideal restoration for someone who has at least several healthy teeth remaining, as the denture hooks on the teeth for stability. If you are interested in a partial denture, call our office to schedule an appointment.

Are Flippers a Real Denture?

Flippers are real, but they are not a permanent fix. Our dentist can get you temporary flippers to wear if you have to go without your natural teeth during a multi-visit procedure.

Do Immediate Dentures Fit Well?

Immediate dentures, or same day dentures, will need more adjustments as your gums heal. Our dentist may suggest temporary dentures the same day and then you’ll get permanent dentures once your gums have healed. Call our office to schedule a consultation if you are considering permanent dentures.

Dental Fillings

How Much Will a Filling Hurt?

Getting a filling will not hurt at all. Our dentist administers a local anesthetic before your procedure. If you feel any pain during the filling, he or she will stop and administer more anesthetic. If you need a filling and you are looking for a dentist where your comfort is paramount, call us to schedule your appointment.

How Much Is a Single Tooth Filling?

The cost for a single tooth filling will depend on whether you have a composite or a metal filling and your dental insurance coverage.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Often called white fillings, composite fillings are tooth-colored applicances. Many of our patients prefer composite fillings for their aesthetic appeal


What Are Onlays?

Dentists may use a porcelain or gold onlay to replace a large filling in a back tooth. The dental lab-created restoration can cover some of the biting surface of a tooth.

How Much Do Onlays Cost?

Our dentist will examine the damaged tooth and give you an estimate for the cost of treating it with an onlay.

What Is a Dental Overlay?

An overlay is a conservation option a dentist can use instead of a crown for a tooth that has extensive decay or damage. Like an onlay, it is fabricated in a dental lab and placed by our dentist. If you would like to learn more, contact our office.

Does It Hurt to Get an Overlay?

No, our dentist will administer a local anesthetic if there is a chance that he or she could cause you pain.

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