Invisalign®, Braces & Orthodontics in Kyle

Do You Offer Orthodontic or Invisalign® Consultations Free of Charge?

As a courtesy, we offer complimentary orthodontics and Invisalign® consultations to our patients. We want our patients to feel confident in their choice to straighten their teeth with our dental professionals, so you won’t have to worry about paying for a consultation with us.

Invisalign® and Clear Braces

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How Can Invisalign Straighten Teeth?

An Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear plastic trays that gently move teeth into a straighter position. Each aligner tray gets your teeth closer to their ideal position.

What Does the Average Invisalign Treatment Cost?

There is no average; we base your Invisalign treatment cost on the degree of misalignment, which determines the number of aligner trays that you will need. One of our dentists will discuss your estimated cost with you during your consultation.

How Does Invisalign Compare to Braces?

Invisalign costs about the same as braces. It is virtually invisible, while clear braces are visible at close range. Braces straighten teeth faster than Invisalign. There are other differences; talk to one of our dentists about which is the better choice in your case.

How Do Clear Braces for Teeth Work?

Clear braces straighten misaligned teeth the same way traditional metal braces do except the brackets are clear and the wire is colored to blend in.

What Do Clear Braces for Teeth Cost?

The cost of clear braces will vary among patients. The extent of misalignment is the major determining factor in what you will pay. Call our office to arrange a consultation and learn your anticipated cost.

Do Clear Braces Work Better Than Metal Braces?

Clear braces have about the same effectiveness as metal braces, since they work in the same manner.

Metal and Ceramic Braces, Self-Ligating Brackets

How Are Metal Braces Put On?

A dentist will glue a bracket on each tooth and then place the archwire. The process can take up to two hours.

Are Metal Braces Affordable?

Metal braces are the most affordable option for straightening teeth. Your cost for metal braces depends on the extent of your orthodontic issues and whether you have dental insurance coverage.

How Do Metal Braces Compare to Other Ways to Straighten Teeth?

Metal braces are strong; they are the only option to treat severe misalignments. Metal braces are also the most noticeable choice.

What Are the Advantages of Self-Ligating Brackets?

Self-ligating brackets have a permanently installed spring-loaded door that holds the archwire instead of ties or elastic bands holding the wire.

What Is the Average Cost for Self-Ligating Brackets?

You will pay slightly more for self-ligating brackets than traditional brackets. Talk to your dentist about self-ligating brackets during your initial consultation. If they are an option for you, he or she can give you an estimate of the additional cost.

Orthodontics, Phase 1

Where Can I Find a Family Orthodontics Practice Near Me?

At Ideal Dental of Kyle, we treat patients of all ages. If you are a patient, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation for yourself or your child. If you are a new patient, give us a call so we can help you get started on a straighter smile.

What Does Orthodontic Treatment Cost?

Each patient has different needs; therefore, the fees vary widely. During your initial consultation, our dentist will discuss your estimated costs for the options open to you. Call our office today to schedule your consultation.

Should I Spend the Extra Money to See an Orthodontist for Braces?

That is your decision. A dentist can perform orthodontic procedures skillfully; he or she will refer a patient to an orthodontist if necessary.

When Can Phase 1 Orthodontics Begin?

Phase 1, or early interceptive treatment, typically starts at age seven. Minor conditions caught early can help prevent major problems in the future.

What Will Phase 1 Orthodontics Cost?

Your Phase 1 orthodontics cost depends entirely on your child’s needs, if he or she has any orthodontic issues.

What is Phase 2 Orthodontics?

Phase 2 orthodontic treatment begins when your child’s permanent teeth have erupted, usually around ages 11-13.

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