Root Canals in Kyle

Compared to years past, today’s dentists can use various treatments and procedures to help preserve your natural teeth. When an injury, disease, or infection occurs, root canal treatment in Kyle may help save your tooth. If you’re experiencing mouth pain or tenderness and swelling near the affected tooth, we encourage you to call our clinic. Our dentists are experienced in performing root canal therapy and can help relieve your discomfort and save your natural teeth.

Root Canal Procedure

Root Canals in [GEOID]

Even if you have an injured or badly damaged tooth, our dentists may still be able to save your tooth. During your appointment, your dentist will examine your mouth and determine if you can benefit from root canal therapy and answer any questions you may have about the procedure works. After treatment, you’ll have a healthy, restored smile.

The Root Canal Procedure

You’re probably aware of the misconception that dental root canal treatment is painful, but with the use of local anesthesia, our dentists are able to keep you comfortable during treatment.

Underneath the hard, protective enamel and dentin is a soft inner tissue layer called pulp. This tissue is made of blood vessels, nerve tissue and supplies the tooth with important nutrients. However, once your tooth is fully developed, the dental pulp isn’t needed since the tooth continues to receive support from the other surrounding tissues. If the pulp is damaged or injured, whether by exposure to bacteria from a deep cavity or a chip or fracture in the tooth, the affected tooth begins to die and a root canal treatment is necessary to prevent tooth loss or advanced infection.

The first step in root canal therapy involves using an anesthetic to prevent pain during treatment. To access the inside of the tooth, an opening is made in the top, and then damaged and infected pulp is removed with small tools. The root canals are carefully cleaned and disinfected, and then the canals are filled with a rubber-like material called gutta percha. To complete the procedure, a permanent, natural-looking crown is placed on the tooth to prevent it from cracking or breaking, restoring full function to the tooth.

Root Canal Dentist or Endodontist?

Can your root canal be performed by your general dentist, or should you see an endodontist? Your general dentist typically performs root canals that are considered routine or straightforward. Other times, and in more complicated cases, an endodontist may be needed to provide treatment. For example, a referral to an endodontist may be required for molars that have multiple or complex canal systems.

The dentist will assess your teeth during your visit and decide if your root canal can be performed in our clinic. The dentist will also provide detailed information regarding how the procedure is performed and give you an estimate of your expected costs. Call us now to schedule your appointment to receive root canal treatment in Kyle.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

The cost of dental treatment is a concern for many people, but root canal therapy isn’t a treatment that should be avoided. When delaying treatment, you can develop a dangerous infection that can spread throughout the body quickly, or you may experience tooth loss.

The actual amount you are expected to pay for a root canal can vary greatly and depends on which tooth is affected, the total number of roots in the affected tooth, what steps need to be taken to repair the tooth, and if you need treatment from a general dentist or an endodontist. Your dental insurance may also cover some of your treatment costs.

With the help of our dentists, you can receive quality dental care that’s also affordable. Our staff will work with the provider of your insurance to make sure that you receive the maximum benefits offered by your plan. For patients without insurance, you may be eligible for a dental payment plan that allows you to repay your balance in installments.

If you’re experiencing chronic tooth pain or other uncomfortable symptoms, call our office for more information about root canal treatment in Kyle.

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