Root Canals in Lakewood

At our dental practice, we offer root canal treatment in Lakewood to help you take some of the worry out of necessary dental care. We work hard to keep your costs low and to ensure that you receive fast relief from pain. Our goals is to help you determine the most effective solution for your tooth or gum infection and get you back to feeling great.

If you are currently suffering from an infection that is causing swelling and pain, making an appointment with our office right away can prevent dangerous side effects that could cause damage to surrounding teeth or to your jaw. By stopping dental infections in their tracks, our team can help you feel better and can preserve your natural teeth for a longer period of time. We work with you to provide appropriate and affordable dental care in Lakewood for you and your entire family.

The Basic of Root Canal Procedures

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A root canal may be necessary to relieve pressure on nerves that are located inside your teeth. These nerves go from the pulpy center of your tooth through the roots and into your jaw. Blood vessels also travel through the roots and provide nutrients to your teeth. During a root canal procedure, the soft tissue inside your teeth is removed along with nerves and blood vessels. This can provide fast relief from pain and pressure and can help to prevent further infections now and throughout the life of your tooth.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

During your first appointment, your dentist may perform a number of diagnostic tests to determine the best approach to your problems. These may include X-rays, scans and other examinations designed to help your dentist find the underlying cause of your infection. In some cases, our dentists may recommend that you take antibiotics for a few days to reduce infection and to make it easier to clear away tissue during your root canal.

If your root canal cannot be performed right away, you will be asked to return to our office to complete this surgery. If you prefer general anesthesia over local numbing, we may need to schedule you with one of our oral surgeons to ensure that your procedure is handled in the safest and most effective way. We will discuss your options with you prior to your root canal to make sure that you understand the process and that you are well-prepared for your procedure.

During your root canal, your dentist may need to drill a hole in your tooth to relieve pressure and to provide an opening through which he or she can extract the pulp and other materials inside your tooth. The drill may also be used to smooth out the interior of the roots to prepare them to accept sealant later on in the process. When all the infected material has been removed, a rubbery sealant called gutta percha will be used to fill in all the empty spaces inside your teeth. Finally, a filling will be used to seal off the hole and to finish the root canal process.

You may need to schedule a follow-up visit with our office to ensure that your root canal procedure has resolved your issues. If your tooth has been severely damaged, you may also need a crown to provide added protection during chewing and biting.

Should I See a Root Canal Dentist or an Oral Surgeon?

We have access to a variety of dental professionals including, root canal dentists or endodontists, general dentists and oral surgeons. This allows us to provide you with the right dental care options for your specific set of needs. If necessary, we will refer you to the profesional that can help solve your issues if we are unable to accommodate you at our office for a routine root canal. We have the proven experience and knowledge needed to help you resolve your dental issues quickly and in a cost-effective manner. This can help you to deal with your dental care proactively, and avoid root canals in the future.

How Can I Manage the Cost of My Root Canal Treatment?

Your root canal may be covered by your dental plan. If cost is a concern for you or your family, our dental practice can provide you with payment options that can make your root canal and associated procedures much more affordable. Call us today to discuss your options with us. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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