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Dental Crowns

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What Are Crowns for Teeth?

Dental crowns completely cover a damaged or weak tooth, such as a tooth that recently had a root canal. Crowns come in various materials that mimic the appearance of a natural tooth, except in the case of metal crowns for molars.

How Much Do Tooth Crowns Cost?

Our dentist can provide you with an estimate of the cost for a dental crown after consulting with you and helping you decide on a suitable crown material. Call us today to schedule your initial appointment.

Dental Bridges

What Do Dental Bridges Restore?

Dental bridges, which restore your smile, bridge the gap between missing teeth with artificial teeth called pontics. Our dentist attaches the bridge to the abutment teeth on both sides of the gap. Since the abutment teeth need extra strength, dental crowns fortify the teeth. If you only have one tooth to use as an abutment tooth, our dentist can use a cantilever bridge.

What Is the Typical Price for a Bridge?

Your price for a bridge is based on the number of pontics, the type of bridge and your dental insurance coverage. Our dentist can provide an estimate after examining your teeth. Call today to schedule your exam.


Why Should I Buy Dentures from a Local Dentist?

You can buy cheap dentures online, but dentures are not a one-size-fits-all product. What if you need an extraction? Buy your dentures from us and you’ll have an experienced dentist make sure that you have they right dentures for your needs and they fit comfortably. Call today to schedule an appointment.

How Much Are Dentures Without Dental Insurance?

The cost of dentures varies, depending on the type of dentures and whether you need any preliminary work done. Our dentist can give you an estimated cost after performing an examination. We endeavor to keep our fees affordable so that you can have the smile you deserve.

How Do Full Dentures Appear to Others?

Others will see you as a person with a healthy, attractive smile.

Are Partial Dentures Expensive?

We strive to keep our prices affordable because no one should have to live with missing teeth. Call us today and schedule a consultation. Our dentist can provide an estimated cost. Ask about our financing option.

What Do Flippers Do?

Dentists offer patients flippers if the person does not wish to go without teeth while waiting for their tooth restoration. Immediate dentures eliminate the need for flippers.

Are Immediate Dentures Permanent?

When you get same day dentures after your extractions, the denture is usually temporary. Even though the denture was custom-made from an impression, your gums will change as they heal; a permanent denture will be more comfortable. Contact our office to learn more about immediate dentures and how they work.

Dental Fillings

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

Metal fillings will last 10 or more years, while composite fillings may only last five years. Dentists can identify cracks or other weaknesses in fillings during your regular dental check ups.

What Does a Dental Filling Cost?

Your dental filling cost will depend on the filling material that you select and whether you have dental insurance coverage, which typically covers fillings.

How Much Do Composite Filling Cost?

Composite fillings do cost more than metal fillings; however, many of our patients feel that it is worth the extra cost to have a tooth-colored filling as opposed to a metal filling that stands out.


What Teeth Can Onlays Be Used on?

Dental onlays are dental lab-made restorations for molars and premolars that can fit over one of the affected tooth cusps and the biting surface. It is a good, sturdy restoration for a large filling or a broken cusp.

What Do Dental Onlays Normally Cost?

The material used, the size of the onlay and its placement in your mouth all affect your total dental onlay cost. Our dentist can provide you with an estimate of your cost after evaluating your tooth. Call our office to schedule your appointment.

How Are Dental Overlays Used on Molars?

Overlays are used the same way onlays are, except an overlay can cover more of the affected chewing surface.

What Do Dental Overlays Normally Cost?

Like onlays, the material size and location of the affected tooth all influence your dental overlay cost.

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