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Dental Hygiene

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Is Good Dental Hygiene A Way to Avoid Dental Work?

Practicing good dental hygiene is an excellent way to practice preventative care and avoid unnecessary dental office visits. The more you take care of your teeth, the less work your dentist will have to do.

Dental Services for Children

Are Kid’s Dental Services Important?

Making sure your child has regular dental exams gets him or her into the habit of seeing a dentist twice a year early on, a habit which should carry over to adulthood. If you need a gentle kid’s dentist, call our office to schedule an appointment for your child.

Dental Exams

Why Are Dental Exams Important?

You should have regular dental checkups to give your dentist a chance to catch a problem early on, such as gingivitis. This is when treatment is the easiest and most effective.

How Much Are Dental Checkups?

Your oral health and dental insurance determine what you will pay for an exam.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

Where Should I Get Gingivitis Treatment?

Your dentist is the professional most qualified to diagnose and treat gingivitis.

What Is the Fee for Gingivitis Treatment?

Your fee for gingivitis treatment will depend on whether our dentist says that you need a professional teeth cleaning or a deep cleaning.

Mouth Guards - Sports

What Are Sports Mouth Guards?

Sports mouth guards from a dentist will minimize the chance of concussions and teeth and jaw injuries while playing contact sports. If you need a sports mouth guard for football, boxing, or any other sport or activity, call our office today for an appointment.

Are Sports Mouth Guards from a Dentist Expensive?

While sporting goods stores have cheaper sports mouth guards, they may not work as well. Wouldn’t you feel better with a custom-made mouth guard from a dentist who understands teeth and jaw injuries and how to prevent them?

Night Guards

Can a Bruxism Night Guard Protect My Teeth from Damage?

If you grind your teeth at night (bruxism), a night guard can prevent costly tooth damage.

Are Night Guards Expensive?

While the most expensive place to get a night guard is from a dentist, the guard will last longer because of the superior materials used, making it a better value. A custom-made mouth guard also offers superior protection for your teeth as well.

What Problems Can Bruxism Cause?

Grinding your teeth without wearing a night guard will wear off the enamel and possibly chip or crack one of your teeth. If you grind your teeth at night, call our office to schedule your appointment for a custom night guard.

Nitrous Oxide

Will a Dentist Offer Nitrous Oxide if I Am Anxious?

You should always let your dentist know if you have dental anxiety, although many dentists recognize the signs right way. Our dentist will offer safe nitrous oxide to ease you anxiety. Nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas because of the pleasant feeling it produces.

What Will Laughing Gas Cost?

Check with our dentist to see how he or she bills for the gas. It may be by the hour or by the procedure.

Oral Cancer Screening

Can a Dentist Do My Oral Cancer Screening?

Dentists routinely screen their patients for signs of mouth cancer during routine exams. You may have been screened before and not realized it.

What Does a Dentist Charge for an Oral Cancer Screening?

A basic screening for mouth cancer is part of the exam. If our dentist suggests a more in-depth screening because of certain risk factors, he or she will discuss the cost with you first.


How Do Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities in Children?

Dental sealants go on the pitted chewing surface of premolars and molars because it is difficult for patients to get the bacteria off of these uneven surfaces. The sealants provide a smooth surface that is much easier to keep clean.

Are Sealants Expensive?

Charges are based on the number of teeth our dentist seals. Depending on your dental insurance coverage, sealants for kids are usually covered and sometimes adults prone to cavities can be covered as well.

Sedation Dentistry

What Types of Sedation Are Available?

We offer oral (pill) and inhalation (laughing gas) as sedation methods, among others. Both are quite effective at easing dental anxiety. You can drive yourself home with inhalation sedation, but not with oral sedation or other long-lasting forms of sedation.

What Will Sedation Dentistry Cost Me?

We base your sedation dentistry fee on the type of sedation used during your procedure.

Will a Dentist Use Oral Sedation Dentistry?

You will have the option to select oral sedation dentistry, which means taking a prescription pill before your dental appointment to manage anxiety and pain. You will not feel any pain or anxiety with the combination.

Dental X-rays

How Often Should I Have X-rays?

The frequency that our dentist recommends for routine X-rays varies depending on your oral health. You could need X-rays anywhere from every six months to every two years.

Are Dental X-rays Safe?

Dental X-rays are safe for adults and children. The amount of radiation exposure is minimum and generally not damaging to your overall health. If you have any concerns about your exposure to radiation, you can ask our dentist or X-ray technician.

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