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Bone Grafting

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Is Bone Grafting Safe?

Yes, bone grafting is a safe, fairly common surgery for individuals who are planning to get dental implants. The surgery uses real or synthetic bone material to restore a jawbone that shrunk over time because teeth were missing. Once the bone graft has healed, you can have your dental implant surgery.

What’s a Dental Bone Grafting Procedure Cost?

Several factors influence your cost for a bone grafting procedure. If you choose to use your own bone, you will pay significantly more than if you went with synthetic bone material. The size of the graft also matters. A small graft that will secure one implant will cost less than a large bone graft that will support four implants. Call us to arrange an initial consultation. After determining your needs, our dentist can provide you with an estimate of the cost.

How Is a Sinus Lift Done?

When our oral surgeon needs to place a bone graft on your upper jaw, he or she may need to gently lift the sinuses on either side of your nose to place the bone material underneath the sinus.

Sedation Dentistry

What’s the Most Common Type of Dental Sedation?

Nitrous oxide is the most commonly used form of dental sedation. It is affordable, safe for children and the effects wear off rapidly, allowing you to safely drive yourself home.

What Do Sedation Dentists Charge?

Sedation is typically billed by the hour, with the different forms of sedation having a different cost per hour. Our dentist can give you an estimate on your sedation cost at your initial appointment. If you want to see a sedation dentist in Las Colinas, call us to schedule your appointment.

Tooth Extractions

Do Surgical Teeth Extractions Hurt?

Our patients receive local anesthesia for pain and, if desired, sedation to ensure that they are calm and relaxed. If you need a surgical extraction, call our office to make an appointment and we will make your comfort a priority.

How Much Will a Surgical Tooth Extraction Cost?

Your cost for a surgical tooth extraction depends on the tooth’s location, the type of sedation used, and your dental insurance coverage. You can receive an estimate of the cost before your surgery from our oral surgeon.

Will It Hurt to Get My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Having your wisdom teeth extracted is a painless procedure. Having some pain afterwards is normal. Our dentist will go over how he or she wants to manage your postoperative pain with you, along with your other aftercare instructions. If you need wisdom teeth extractions in Las Colinas, call our office today to schedule your appointment.

Oral Pathology

What Are Oral Pathology Diseases?

Oral pathology diseases are disease, such as oral cancer, that cause changes in your mouth and affect its functionality. Oral surgeons are trained to recognize pathological changes in their early stages.

Why Are Mouth Cancer Screenings Important?

It only takes a few minutes for a dentist to perform an oral cancer screening; this few minutes could save your life. Mouth cancer treatment is much more effective if the cancer is caught in its early stages.

How Much Does Mouth Cancer Treatment Cost?

The stage of your cancer and the treatments available are the primary factors that affect the cost. However, there are so many variables that affect the cost of treating oral cancer that the exact cost can’t be predetermined.

IV Sedation

Where Can I Find a Local Oral Surgeon’s Office That Offers IV Sedation?

For your comfort during long procedures, we offer IV sedation. IV sedation is also useful for people who tend to delay necessary dental treatments because of his or her dental phobia.

What Is the Average Cost for IV Sedation?

We base your IV sedation cost on the amount of sedation used. Patients needing long, complex operations will have a higher IV sedation cost than someone having a relatively quick procedure done.

Oral Surgeon

What Happens When I Visit an Oral Surgeon for the First Time?

The oral surgeon will go over your options to treat your condition and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. He or she will also answer your questions and go over your anticipated costs. If you need a local oral surgeon, call our office to arrange your initial appointment. We welcome new patients.

How Much Do Oral Surgery Services Typically Cost?

Your oral surgery cost will depend on the treatment you are having done and your dental insurance coverage.

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