Emergency Dentistry in League City

Although there is never a convenient time for a dental emergency to occur, receiving quality care when they occur is a top priority. No matter what type of dental emergency you’re experiencing, our dentists in League City can provide the prompt treatment you need, so you can be smiling again in no time.

Emergency Dental Care

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How Can I Find an Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

If an emergency dental situation is interfering with your normal activities, we recommend calling our clinic right away to schedule an appointment. We strive to treat emergency patients promptly and efficiently, and same-day appointments may also be available. Putting off treatment can result in additional damage and possibly more extensive treatment. If you need urgent dental care, simply call our office to schedule an appointment.

Cost of Emergency Dental Care

The anticipated costs for getting emergency dental services are different for every patient. Whether you have dental insurance or if any follow-up visits are needed are taken into consideration when determining your emergency dental services cost. After your examination, the dentist will speak with you about your treatment plan and estimated costs.

Emergency Dental Services

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

You can receive a wide range of emergency dental services from our League City dentists. Here are a few examples of the services we offer:

Emergency Extractions: If you’ve suffered a severe mouth injury or have a tooth with extensive damage or decay that can’t be saved with treatment, you may need an emergency extraction. Our dentists will ensure you’re comfortable during the procedure through the use of anesthetics and other techniques.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Although your wisdom teeth are usually the last set of teeth to emerge, they are also vulnerable to decay and damage. We encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment if your wisdom teeth are causing you pain and discomfort.

Root Canals: Root canals are performed when the soft tissue inside of your tooth becomes damaged or infected due to advanced tooth decay. With the help of local anesthetics, the procedure is relatively painless and will restore the health and function of your tooth.

Root Canals for Children: If your child has a damaged tooth, a root canal may be needed to save the tooth and prevent decay from spreading further. We offer quality dental care and will ensure that your child is comfortable during the procedure.

Tooth Extractions: In non-emergency situations, tooth extractions can be part of a treatment plan designed by your dentist. Please contact us for more information about routine tooth extractions.

How To Tell When You Need Emergency Dental Services

If you have any of the symptoms or conditions listed below, you could be experiencing a dental emergency. Please seek treatment immediately.

Abscessed Teeth: An abscessed tooth is caused by a bacterial infection at the root of the tooth. Sores on the gum line, swelling and severe tooth pain are common symptoms of a dental abscess. Delaying treatment of an abscess can cause serious complications, so we urge you to seek dental care immediately.

Broken or Cracked Teeth: A broken or cracked tooth can sustain additional damage if not treated as soon as possible. Make an appointment with an emergency dentist right away if you have a cracked or broken tooth.

Broken or Fractured Jaws: If you have suffered a traumatic injury, it’s possible your jaw had been fractured or broken. If you have a misaligned bite, intense pain or swelling of your face or jaw, contact an emergency dentist right away.

Broken, Loose or Lost Crowns: A damaged dental crown can make your tooth more susceptible to damage. To get your smile back on track, make an appointment with your local emergency dentist.

Dental Infections: Dental infections can occur if plaque and bacteria accumulate near your gum line. To treat the infection and relieve your discomfort, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Knocked-out Teeth: If you receive treatment quickly, an emergency dentist may be able to save a knocked-out tooth. Try to carefully place the tooth back in its socket, or store the tooth in a cup of cold milk to maintain its moisture.

Loose or Lost Fillings: Your tooth is no longer protected from decay when you have a loose or lost filling. If you notice that your filling is loose or missing completely, schedule an appointment with your local dentist.

Severe Facial or Gum Swelling: Severe gum or facial swelling can have many causes, so it’s important to receive an examination from an emergency dentist for treatment.

Severe Toothaches: A persistent, severe toothache is something you should never ignore. Since a toothache can have serious causes, you should seek treatment from an emergency dentist right away.

What Is the Cost for Emergency Dental Services?

Our dentists are committed to offering fair and competitive pricing for all of our patients. If you have dental insurance, we will work with your provider to make sure that your benefits are being used effectively. We are also a preferred provider of MetroCare, a dental plan that can make the cost of treatment more affordable. Membership is $129 a year, and you can receive savings between 20 and 80 percent on a variety of dental procedures and treatments. The MetroCare Dental Plan is the perfect addition to your existing coverage. It’s also ideal for anyone who doesn’t have dental insurance. If you’re interested in the MetroCare dental plan, contact us for more information.

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