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Bone Grafting

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What Does a Dental Bone Graft Entail?

To prepare the jawbone for dental implants, a dentist may reinforce the jaw by taking a piece of bone from elsewhere on the body and inserting it into the jaw. As the bone fuses with the jaw, it creates a solid base for the implants.

How Much Will I Pay for a Bone Graft?

If you choose a synthetic bone substitute instead of using your natural bone, you will pay less since there is no need for a second incision. Your final cost will depend on your insurance coverage and the complexity of the procedure.

How Painful Is a Sinus Lift?

In order to transplant the harvested bone into the jaw, the dentist will have to lift the sinus membrane. You will be anesthetized before the procedure, and we will provide you with post-surgery pain management instructions, so any discomfort should be minimal.

Sedation Dentistry

Do You Offer Various Types of Sedation Techniques?

Sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who become extremely anxious during dental procedures or who are undergoing long, complex procedures. Our League City dentists offer oral and IV sedation treatments that allow patients to drift off to sleep during their procedure. We also offer nitrous oxide and local anesthetics to ensure that patients remain as comfortable as possible during their procedure.

What Are the Average Prices for Sedation Dentistry?

The cost of our sedation services varies based on the type of sedation used and the duration of the procedure. Some dental insurance plans will cover all or part of the cost of sedation dental services. Call today to find out if sedation dentistry is right for you.

Tooth Extractions

When Is a Surgical Tooth Extraction Necessary?

An oral surgeon may need to perform a surgical tooth extraction if you have problems with a tooth that is impacted or not fully developed. To remove the diseased tooth, the oral surgeon makes a small incision in the gumline. Before your procedure, the dentist will numb the area using a topical or injectable local anesthetic. Depending on the circumstances, your dentist may also administer nitrous oxide or oral or IV sedation to help you remain calm and comfortable.

Are There Set Fees for Tooth Extractions?

Since surgical extractions are more complicated than traditional extractions, they are more expensive. We will let you know the estimated cost of your extraction following your consultation since the cost will depend on the location of the tooth, your insurance coverage, and the number of follow-up appointments required. We will also help you find ways to manage any out-of-pocket expenses.

What Do You Do to Minimize the Pain of a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth often become impacted or infected, causing pain. Having the teeth extracted will actually help to stop the current pain from getting worse. During the procedure, we will use various sedation dentistry techniques to keep you comfortable. After your procedure, you will receive aftercare instructions to help with pain relief and ensure proper healing.

Oral Pathology

What Are Common Symptoms of Serious Oral Diseases?

Oral cancer and other serious oral health conditions are typically characterized by painful sores inside the mouth, discoloration of the gums, and thickening or lumps involving the oral mucosa. Our League City dentists offer diagnostic and treatment services for a wide range of conditions of the mouth.

When Should I Get an Oral Cancer Screening?

An oral cancer screening should be part of every annual dental checkup. During the exam, the doctor will check the inside of your mouth for any signs of lesions or growths. If you are diagnosed with oral cancer, your dentist will help you personalize a treatment plan that will provide you with the best chance of a cure. Common treatments include surgery and chemotherapy.

How Much Will I Pay for Oral Cancer Treatment?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the severity of the cancer and the type of treatment required. We will work with your insurer and help you find payment options to make your treatment as affordable as possible.

IV Sedation

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is used to help patients enter a deep state of relaxation or sleep during invasive dental procedures. The anesthesia is administered intravenously.

Are There Set Fees for IV Sedation?

While we do not have set fees for IV sedation, we do our best to make this service affordable to our patients. We are unable to provide set prices because the factors that determine the overall cost of IV sedation vary by patient. Call our office in League City for more information.

Oral Surgeon

Where Can I Find an Oral Surgeon in League City?

In addition to preventive and routine dental services, we also provide oral surgery services for common dental issues, including impacted wisdom teeth, oral cancer, and certain sleep and breathing problems. Our dentists also offer dental implants and other cosmetic dental surgery procedures.

Is Dental Surgery in League City Affordable?

We are committed to providing affordable dental services to all of our patients. The exact cost of your dental surgery will depend on the type of procedure being performed as well as your insurance coverage. If you have out-of-pocket expenses, our staff will help you find a payment plan to make the expense more manageable. Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our League City dentists.

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