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Dental Hygiene

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Is Good Oral Hygiene Important If I Am a Young Adult with No Cavities?

Congratulations on having healthy teeth so far; however, dental hygiene is still important if you want to keep your healthy teeth. Besides, without daily dental hygiene you will develop bad breath, which can put a damper on your social life.

Dental Services for Children

Is Children’s Dental Care Expensive?

Your children’s dental care cost depends on what type of care your child needs and whether you have dental insurance that will cover the work.

Dental Exams

Are Regular Six-Month Exams Important?

Regular six-month exams, or at the frequency suggested by your dentist, are important because they allow the dentist to catch problems early. People that come in with painful, major issues are usually the ones that did not come in for regular checkups.

What Is the Price for a Dental Exam?

The price you pay for a dental exam depends on your dental insurance and your overall oral health.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

What Does Gingivitis Treatment Entail?

Gingivitis treatment typically consists of a teeth cleaning or a deep cleaning, depending on what our dentist believes will reverse the first stage of gum disease.

What Will I Pay for Gingivitis Treatment?

Your fee for gingivitis treatment will depend on whether you have a teeth cleaning or a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning will be more expensive, and your insurance may only cover part of the procedure.

Mouth Guards - Sports

Are Custom Mouth Guards Better Than OTC Ones?

Custom mouth guards stay in place better; therefore, they can provide more overall mouth protection. Additionally, sports mouth guards from a dentist are made out of better material for cushioning blows.

How Much Do Sports Mouth Guards Cost?

Our sports mouth guards are custom-made, so the prices will vary. However, a custom mouth guard will cost far less than replacing a missing tooth.

Night Guards

What Will Happen If I Grind My Teeth and Don’t Wear a Night Guard?

If you grind your teeth at night and don’t use a mouth guard, you’ll lose some of the enamel and surface of your teeth each year. Additionally, you are putting yourself at risk for cracked teeth and damaged fillings.

How Much Will a Night Guard Cost at the Dentist’s Office?

Our dentist can give you a quote once he or she performs an examination and determines exactly what mouth guard will be best for your needs.

How Should My Mouth Guard for Bruxism Fit?

Your bruxism night guard should fit snugly on your upper teeth without shifting or falling off when you open your mouth. This is why you should always get a custom night guard from a dentist. Call our office today to find out about getting a custom night guard for bruxism from our dentist.

Nitrous Oxide

How Long Have Dentists Used Nitrous Oxide?

For over a century, dentists have used nitrous oxide, combined with oxygen, to put their patients at ease. It has been proven safe and effective for use as a sedation dentistry tool to reduce anxiety and relax patients.

Will the Dentist Charge Me for Nitrous Oxide?

Dentists may keep track of your nitrous oxide use by the hour or by the procedure. If cost is a concern, you can ask our dentist about your anticipated sedation cost.

Oral Cancer Screening

Who Does Mouth Cancer Screenings?

Dentists do mouth cancer screenings, often during the patient’s routine exam. There are several types of screenings; our dentist will choose one based on the number of risk factors present. Contact our office for an appointment if it has been more than a year since you have had an oral cancer screening.

Are Mouth Cancer Screenings Expensive?

Mouth cancer screenings are not expensive; your cost depends of what type of oral cancer screening that our dentist decides is appropriate.


Why Is It Important to Get Dental Sealants?

Molars are difficult to clean because the chewing surface has pits and grooves where bacteria hides. Sealants cover the chewing surface, making it impossible for bacteria to hide there.

What Is the Price for Sealants?

Your price for sealants depends on how many of your child’s teeth are treated. Dental insurance generally covers sealants. Call today for an appointment so your child can start enjoying better dental checkups.

Sedation Dentistry

Why Do Dentists Offer Sedation Dentistry?

Dentists offer sedation dentistry because there are a significant number of people who avoid seeing a dentist because of dental anxiety. Eventually, they end up with a major dental problem that they cannot ignore. When we introduce them to sedation dentistry, it is a great relief for them.

How Much Does Sedation Add to a Procedure’s Cost?

The type of sedation used will determine your fee for sedation dentistry. Many patients with dental anxiety believe it is worth every penny.

Is Oral Sedation Safe?

Dental sedation, which is either laughing gas, a common prescription medication, IV sedation or other forms, is safe and highly effective.

Dental X-rays

Why Are Dental X-rays Important?

X-rays let our dentist spot problems that he or she would otherwise miss. Taking care of these issues proactively will save you time and money.

What’s the Price for Dental X-rays?

Your X-rays may be included in your exam or charged separately. Your dental insurance coverage also determines the price you will pay for teeth X-rays.

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