Root Canals in Northeast Mansfield

By practicing good dental habits and seeing your dentist regularly, your teeth can last a lifetime. However, it’s still possible for a tooth to become injured or damaged. In the past, extracting the diseased tooth may have been the only treatment. Advanced techniques and technology in dentistry have given dentists the opportunity to save and restore teeth with a specialized procedure called root canal therapy. Please give our office a call if you’re experiencing mouth pain or sensitivity. Our dentists specialize in root canal treatment in Northeast Mansfield, helping to preserve your smile and save your natural teeth.

Root Canal Procedure

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Even if your teeth are badly injured or damaged, our dentists may still be able to preserve your natural teeth. During your appointment, our dentists will determine if you’re a good candidate for root canal therapy and answer any questions you may have about the root canal procedure. Once treatment has ended, you will enjoy a properly functioning smile and be free from discomfort.

Root Canal Procedure Explained

If you need a root canal, there’s really no need for you to feel anxious or afraid. With the help of numbing medicine and one of our qualified providers performing your procedure, you really shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort.

Pulp is a type of soft tissue found inside of each tooth, and it contains blood vessels and nerves to supply important nutrients to the tooth. Once the tooth is fully matured, it can survive without pulp because the surrounding tissues continue to provide nutrients. If the pulp becomes infected or inflamed, whether from a deep cavity or a chipped or cracked tooth, root canal therapy is needed to save the tooth and relieve pain. Without root canal therapy, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and an abscess may develop.

Before beginning root canal therapy, local anesthesia is used to numb the tooth, ensuring that you feel comfortable during the procedure. Then, the dentist makes an opening in the top of the tooth to remove the affected pulp tissue and nerves. To remove debris and disinfect the inner portion of the tooth, your dentist may treat the tooth with germ-killing fluid. After the area is cleaned, the dentist fills the root canals with gutta percha, a material with a consistency similar to rubber. Finally, to prevent the tooth from breaking and restore it to full function, a crown is placed on the tooth.

What Type of Dentist Performs Root Canal Therapy?

If your root canal is considered routine, the procedure can be performed by your general dentist. However, for complicated cases, such as a canal that’s difficult to find or molars that have more than one canal, you may need to see a specialist called an endodontist.

During your appointment, the dentist will examine your teeth and determine if your root canal can be performed in our office. You will also learn more about how the root canal procedure is performed and receive an estimate on what treatment will cost. If you need root canal treatment in Northeast Mansfield, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible for an appointment.

Cost of a Root Canal

Concerns about cost are normal when you find out that you need a root canal; however, it isn’t a procedure that should be delayed due to financial concerns. Tooth loss and a serious infection that spread to your face and neck are just a few complications that may occur when treatment is delayed.

Your total cost is determined by several factors, such as which tooth is affected, how many roots it has, how severe the damage is, and whether you need treatment from an endodontist or general dentist. If you have dental insurance, your plan may cover a portion of the treatment.

We strive to make dental care affordable for every patient, and our team is available to help you get the most from your insurance plan. Even if you’re not covered by insurance, we may still have a solution that meets your needs. You may be eligible for a flexible payment plan to repay your balance in monthly installments.

If you’re experiencing dental discomfort, please don’t delay treatment any longer. We encourage you to call our office to schedule an appointment, so you can learn more about root canal treatment in Northeast Mansfield.

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