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Is There Emergency Dental Care Near Me In McKinney?

If one or more of your teeth is causing you pain, it can create turmoil in your whole life. If you’re in this situation, you may be experiencing a dental emergency. Our emergency dental care office in McKinney is open and our team is available to alleviate your pain, so give us a call.

How Do I Obtain Emergency Dental Treatment?

If a dental emergency is disrupting your life, it’s important to get immediate treatment. Delaying emergency dental treatment can exacerbate the issue and cause additional damage, so call our dental care clinic in McKinney and schedule an appointment. Often, we can see patients the same day, depending on our workload. Whether you need surgery, an extraction, or another type of emergency dental care, we can help you.

What’s The Cost Of Emergency Dental Services?

Many times, patients delay receiving emergency dental treatment because they’re apprehensive of the cost. We understand your apprehension, but we also know the importance of maintaining your dental health. During your first visit, your dentist will give you a detailed breakdown of the anticipated cost of your dental work. We’re a preferred provider with MetroCare Dental Plan, which costs $129 per year and has no hidden fees, no fees for lab work, no exclusions, and no waiting period. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

Emergency Dental Services Overview

A dental emergency can occur when you have a tooth knocked out, a filling comes loose or falls out, a tooth breaks, you wake up with an inflamed jaw, or almost any other situation that involves your teeth. Our skilled dentists in McKinney can help you regain the functionality of your teeth and restore your beautiful smile. Some of our common emergency procedures include:

Emergency Tooth Extraction
Your teeth are important to the structure of your jaw, so our dentists always try to save your natural teeth. If it’s not possible, your dentist may elect to remove the tooth. You’ll be made comfortable and we’ll use anesthetic.

Wisdom Teeth Emergency Extraction
The wisdom teeth are the last to appear in the mouth and sometimes are crowded out by the other teeth. We can extract your wisdom teeth so that you’re not in pain.

Root Canal
When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed, you may need a root canal in order to alleviate the pain. You may also need a crown or an implant to replace the lost tooth, depending on its location.

Pediatric Root Canal
Our dedicated dentists in McKinney can perform a root canal on your child if it’s necessary. It’s important to keep your child’s baby teeth healthy so that his or her permanent teeth have a good foundation.

Routine Extraction
In addition to emergency tooth extractions, we perform routine extractions on teeth that are injured or have decayed and are causing pain.

When Should I Get Emergency Dental Care?

Anytime you’re experiencing pain or distressing symptoms in your teeth, you may need emergency dental care in McKinney. The following tooth issues often require urgent dental treatment:

An abscessed tooth can be excruciating and completely upend your life. Abscesses occur when the root of a tooth gets infected and symptoms may include swelling, inflammation, fever, seepage, and other painful issues. If you have an abscessed tooth, you may need emergency dental surgery in McKinney, so call us today.

Broken And/Or Cracked Teeth
If you have a tooth that’s cracked or has broken off, you need to seek immediate treatment. Otherwise, the tooth may become abscessed and cause you additional problems. Call our emergency dental clinic in McKinney immediately if you’ve damaged any of your teeth.

Broken Or Fractured Jaw
If you’ve broken or fractured your jaw in McKinney, you need emergency dental treatment. Call our office today to get relief fast.

Broken, Loose, Or Lost Crowns
If you break or lose your crown, or it becomes loose, you need urgent dental care. Call our emergency dental clinic today in McKinney and schedule an appointment. We can replace your crown and restore your glorious smile.

Tooth Infections
If your teeth aren’t properly maintained, an infection can occur. We can help cure the infection and provide guidance so that it doesn’t come back.

Knocked-out Tooth
If one or more of your teeth have been knocked out, you need emergency dental care. Reinsert the tooth if you can. If not, place it in some cold milk until you get to our office and the dentist may be able to save it. Either way, call our emergency dental clinic immediately.

If you have a loose filling or if you’ve lost a filling, call our emergency dental clinic in McKinney. It’s important to replace the filling so that the tooth doesn’t decay or get damaged, so make an appointment today.

Severe Swelling
If your gums are swollen and sore, or if part of your face is swollen and sore, you may need emergency dental care. Call our office for an appointment and let one of our skilled dentists look at the issue.

Severe Toothache
If you have severe dental pain, be sure to call our office in McKinney and schedule an appointment. Pain usually indicates a problem, so let us help you. Please don’t wait, hoping that it will disappear on its own, most dental pain requires a dentist’s expertise.

How Expensive Are Emergency Dental Treatments?

We know that you’re most likely concerned about your emergency dental treatment cost. We strive to maintain competitive rates while providing high-quality emergency dental services. Our preferred provider status with MetroCare enables us to do just that, so call our office in McKinney for more information on this excellent dental care plan, which can be purchased for $129 per year. There are no wait times, no extra lab fees or exclusions. Call us today and let us help you.

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