Root Canals in McKinney

At one time, decayed or damaged teeth were simply extracted and you were left with a gap in your teeth and a hole in your jaw. Advances in the field of dentistry have yielded excellent root canal therapy treatments that have enabled those with decayed or damaged teeth to retain the original tooth in many cases. If the tooth isn’t salvageable, the patient can receive an excellent artificial tooth.

What Is a Root Canal Procedure?

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If you have a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed, you may need a root canal. Until recently, most teeth that were in this condition had to be extracted, there was no way to save them. Now, depending on the extent of the damage or decay, a dentist may be able to save your tooth by using a root canal treatment. During this procedure, the dentist will remove the damaged or decayed area, and then he or she will disinfect the area and prepare it for a crown. If you think you may need a root canal or you are having severe dental pain, call our office in McKinney and let us help you. We specialize in endodontics and root canals and may be able to save your tooth.

What’s Involved in a Root Canal Procedure?

Your dentist in McKinney will evaluate your tooth and determine if it’s suitable for a root canal. He or she will also answer any questions you may have regarding the root canal procedure and provide you with a cost breakdown and a summary of the procedures involved. If you need a complex root canal, our office in McKinney can refer you to a root canal dentist, but root canals and endodontics are our specialties so we should be able to help you. Getting a root canal treatment can help you maintain a healthy smile and better overall health.

If you’ve never had a root canal, you may feel somewhat apprehensive, but it’s a straightforward procedure that we’ve done thousands of times. A root canal may be able to save your tooth and preserve your natural smile. You’ll be given anesthetic during the procedure and we’ll make you as comfortable as possible.

Do I Need an Endodontist or a Root Canal Dentist?

If you need a root canal, one of our root canal dentists in McKinney may be able to help you, depending on the complexity of the tooth and the damage done. Some teeth, such as molars, can be more complex and sometimes the degree of damage can require that you see an endodontic dentist. Once your dentist in McKinney has inspected your tooth, he or she will provide you with an outline of the repairs needed and refer you to a root canal dentist if that’s necessary. Many times, a general dentist can perform root canal therapy.

What’s the Cost for a Root Canal?

The cost of a root canal will vary depending on the location of the tooth, the degree of decay or damage, the individual patient, and your insurance coverage. Many patients are concerned about the cost of a root canal treatment so they delay obtaining treatment. This can result in additional damage, more pain, and a higher root canal cost. If you think you need a root canal, don’t delay in scheduling an appointment with one of our dentists in McKinney. The cost of the crown is usually included in the cost of the root canal procedure, so you shouldn’t incur any unknown charges, but ask your dentist to be sure.

We accept most dental plans and will bill your insurance company for you. If your plan doesn’t cover the entire cost, or if you do not have dental insurance, we have several excellent financing plans that can enable you to receive the root canal treatment you need. Your teeth are vital to your overall health and delaying treatment can cause health issues. Since mastication is the first step in the digestive process, you need all of your teeth in order to properly chew your food. Teeth are also integral to the structural integrity of your jawline.

If you are experiencing jaw or tooth pain, don’t delay, call our dental office in McKinney today and schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated dentists. We can help you restore and maintain your beautiful smile if you visit our dental office in McKinney.

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