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Are you experiencing oral pain, or do you have a tooth that is severely damaged? Root canal treatment may be a good option to help you save your tooth and avoid an extraction. If you have oral pain, give our office a call today. We specialize in endodontic procedures like root canal therapy, and we work hard to help you save your natural teeth and restore your healthy smile.

Root Canal Procedure

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Even severely damaged teeth may benefit from root canal therapy. If our dentists recommend a root canal to improve your dental health, feel free to ask plenty of questions. We’re always happy to explain the straightforward procedure and answer all of your questions.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

Millions of root canals are performed each year to save teeth and improve patients’ oral health. While a root canal may sound scary, it’s a painless, routine process that offers a wide variety of benefits, including pain relief.

Your teeth are made to protect the inner soft tissue called pulp from bacteria and injury. The hard outer enamel protects the underlayer of dentin, which in turn protects soft pulp tissue held within the tooth’s pulp chamber and roots. Pulp contains nerve tissue, connective tissue and blood vessels that support the tooth’s root development in a tooth’s early stages. Once a tooth erupts through the gums, though, pulp isn’t vital to the tooth’s support and it can survive without it.

Root canals are necessary when a tooth’s pulp is inflamed or infected. These infections often occur when decay spreads deeply into the tooth, allowing bacteria to invade the soft pulp tissue. Cracks in teeth, incomplete crowns, lost fillings and other structural issues can also cause deep tooth infections. If untreated, these infections can lead to dental abscesses.

Your comfort during a root canal procedure is assured with the use of a local anesthetic. Your dentist will carefully remove the damaged pulp tissue, then clean and disinfect your tooth’s root canals. The spaces are filled with a rubber-like substance that is biocompatible to seal the roots and protect them from bacteria. Then, a crown is placed atop the tooth, providing you with a natural-looking, functional tooth.

Endodontist or Root Canal Dentist?

If you need root canal treatment, you may be wondering whether you need a certain type of dentist that specializes in root canals. General dentists can perform most simple root canal procedures, but more complex cases may require an endodontist. When affected teeth have multiple canals, as molars do, or if affected teeth have complex canal systems, an endodontist is preferred. Our dentist will examine your teeth carefully and evaluate whether your treatment can be conducted in our office. We’ll also provide you with a treatment plan and a cost estimate. There’s no need to delay if you’re suffering from intense oral pain, simply give us a call for an appointment.

What Are the Costs of Root Canal Treatment?

If you’re wondering about root canal treatment costs, rest assured that we are committed to helping you find economical solutions for your dental needs. Root canal costs differ from case to case, depending on how severe your tooth is affected and which tooth requires treatment. Your total cost usually includes both the price of the procedure itself and the cost of the crown applied at the conclusion of the procedure.

You’re probably wondering about insurance coverage and what that means for your final cost. Root canals are usually understood to be medically necessary, meaning most dental insurance plans provide some coverage. Specific benefits vary according to your own plan, but you can check with your insurance provider for more detailed information. We coordinate with your provider to ensure that you get the most benefits from your coverage.

If you don’t have insurance, don’t despair. There are affordable solutions for you too. With our dental payment plans, you can repay your balance over a series of installments. We also sometimes participate in dental savings plans that reduce your overall treatment costs.

Don’t give up on restoring your health and smile, our dental professionals are available to help you if you’re living with extensive tooth decay and severe dental pain. Give our office a call and find out more about root canal treatment and cost-saving options.

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