Emergency Dentistry in Plano

Do you have an abscessed or broken tooth? Are your gums red and swollen? These types of dental discomforts might require emergency dental services to correct. Contact our dental clinic in Plano for an urgent appointment if you think you might be experiencing a dental emergency.

Emergency Dental Care

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Where Do I Go for Emergency Dental Care?

It’s important to contact our urgent dental care office for an emergency appointment when you have oral pain. Waiting can cause more damage to your teeth or to the affected area. Our dentists strive to see patients as fast as they can in emergency situations. Our clinic can even schedule same-day visits if possible. We’d like you to know that you can find emergency dental treatment, including emergency dental surgery, at our office when you need it.

What Is the Cost for Emergency Dental Services?

A lot of patients want to know how much we charge for emergency dental care. Generally, we don’t have fixed rates for all of our services. Instead, the cost for your emergency dental care will depend on your insurance coverage and the severity of your dental issue. You might also need a follow-up appointment, which will increase your overall bill. Our dentists can explain your treatment options during your appointment so that you can anticipate the cost.

Emergency Dental Services

Which Dental Services Are Considered Urgent?

Our dentists in Plano provide emergency dental care to help repair your oral health. Below are some of the services that we perform for our patients.

Emergency Extractions: We’ll always do what we can to save a damaged tooth, but severe damage might require that we remove it. In that case, we can administer anesthesia and other treatments to make you comfortable.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Usually, the last teeth to emerge in your mouth are your wisdom teeth. However, they can cause an infection or significant pain that requires their removal. Call us for an urgent extraction if you experience too much discomfort.

Root Canals: A root canal involves removing infected pulp from inside of a tooth. This emergency dental procedure can relieve pain and prevent the loss of the tooth.

Root Canals for Children: Kids can develop infected tooth pulp too, and root canals can repair their natural teeth. Our dentists are experienced providing services for kids’ sensitive gums.

Tooth Extractions: Aside from conducting emergency tooth removals, our dentists also provide routine extractions for decayed and injured teeth.

When Should I Get Urgent Dental Care?

If you develop any of the following symptoms or oral issues, you should seek emergency dental care near you.

Abscessed Teeth: An abscessed tooth involves an infection in the root of your tooth. The infection can cause extreme pain, oozing gums, fever, swelling and more. It requires urgent dental care.

Cracked or Broken Teeth: An infection can form in a broken or cracked tooth when you avoid seeking treatment. Schedule an appointment at our dental office right away if you damage a tooth.

Fractured or Broken Jaw: You have a dental emergency when your jaw fractures or breaks. Seek urgent dental care if you feel like your bite is crooked or have pain in your jaw or face.

Lost, Broken or Loose Crowns: A tooth with a broken, missing or loose crown becomes susceptible to damage. We can give you a replacement to restore your smile.

Dental Infections: Your gums can develop infections when you don’t get teeth cleanings on a regular basis. Our dentists offer treatment and guidance so that you can keep the infections from recurring.

Knocked-Out Teeth: It can be scary when you knock out a tooth. However, we might be able to save it if your seek emergency dental care promptly. Try to put the tooth back into its socket, or you can keep it in cold milk until your scheduled visit.

Loose or Lost Fillings: If a filling becomes loose or lost, the tooth can decay more than it already has. Call our urgent care dentists so that we can replace it.

Severe Gum or Facial Swelling: You shouldn’t ignore gum or facial swelling as it is usually a sign of a dental problem. We can diagnose the cause, provide treatment and reduce your discomfort.

Severe Toothache: If you experience ongoing pain in your teeth or gums, don’t wait for it to disappear. Get emergency dental treatment and relief at our office.

Is Emergency Dental Treatment Expensive?

We understand that emergency dental clinic costs are a concern when an urgent problem arises. Our dentists in Plano aim to offer affordable services. Our clinic works with your insurer to get the greatest benefit out of your policy.

In addition, we accept the MetroCare Dental Plan, which is a cost-effective way to reduce some of your preventative and emergency dental care expenses. For an annual fee of $129, you receive 20 to 80 percent off of cosmetic services, routine dental care, orthodontic procedures and more. You can use it with your traditional dental insurance or as a cost saving measure if you don’t have insurance. Call our dental clinic to find out more now.

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