Root Canals in Plano

People with damaged nerves in their teeth used to have those teeth pulled out by dentists. However, advancements in technology allow dentists to restore these diseased teeth. Contact our dentists in Plano if you think that your tooth has severe nerve damage or you have ongoing oral pain. By working with one of our endodontic specialists or general dentists, you can save your natural smile with a root canal.

Root Canal Procedure

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Our dentists can give you the help that you need if one of your teeth is severely damaged. We can answer all of your questions and explain the process for root canal treatment. If you’re a good candidate, the procedure can provide healthier teeth that function better than before.

What Does a Root Canal Entail?

There’s no reason for you to feel scared if our dentists suggest that you need a root canal. Dentists across the country save millions of decayed teeth every year. The procedure restores their health and eliminates related pain.

Under the dentin and white enamel on your teeth is softer tissue called pulp. It contains blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves that aid root growth during the development of your teeth. However, fully developed teeth don’t need pulp to survive because other tissues around them provide enough support.

The root canal procedure is crucial for your health if a tooth becomes inflamed or infected. Either of these issues can be caused by a faulty crown, deep decay or structural damage. If you leave the problem untreated, your tooth might grow an abscess and cause significant pain.

Root canal treatment consists of a dentist removing the inflamed or infected pulp from a tooth. Then, the tooth is disinfected and cleaned before it’s filled with gutta-percha, a rubber-like substance. A crown is placed over the top of the tooth to seal and protect it. The appliance looks, feels and functions like your normal teeth, so you can talk and chew normally. We use anesthetic throughout the procedure to ensure your comfort.

Does a Root Canal Dentist or Endodontist Perform the Procedure?

If you require a root canal, you may wonder if you need a dentist who specializes in the procedure. A general dentist can perform most root canals. However, you might be referred to an endodontist if your case is more complex. Our dental specialists work with complex canal systems and teeth with multiple canals such as molars.

Our dentists in Plano can determine if we will be able to perform a root canal procedure after a tooth assessment. We can provide an outline for your treatment plan and estimates for the costs. Don’t put off getting treatment for oral pain. Schedule an appointment with our office today.

What’s the Cost for Root Canal Treatment?

It’s logical that your root canal cost is a source of concern when you need sudden treatment. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to undergo the procedure because you might lose your tooth. If your infection is serious, it may spread to your face or neck. Keep in mind, that root canals are often required to alleviate persistent oral pain.

In most cases, we base the cost of a root canal on the severity of the case and the tooth that’s affected. Your cost estimate will include the price of the procedure itself and the crown. Don’t forget that your dental insurance will likely cover part of your treatment because the procedure is considered a medical necessity. Since the coverage amount varies between policies, contact your insurer to find out how much yours will cover.

Our specialists in Plano are committed to offering affordable solutions for root canals. We work with your insurance provider to help you get the most coverage out of your policy to pay for the treatment. If you don’t have insurance, we may be able to offer other options that meet your needs. With a dental payment plan, for example, you can repay the cost in several installments.

If you have extensive tooth decay or an infection, don’t mistakenly believe that there’s nothing that you can do. You still have time to get a root canal and achieve a healthier smile. Contact our dentists in Plano today to learn more and set up an appointment.

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