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Dental Crowns

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Can I Chew Normally with a Dental Crown?

With dental crowns, you can eat most of the foods you ate before your tooth was damaged, but you should avoid chewing on hard foods or ice. There are several types of crowns available, so talk to your dentist about the type that would work best for you.

Can I Afford a Dental Crown?

Many patients find that crowns are economical tools for preserving natural teeth and restoring their smiles. Your dental crown costs are affected by the type of crown used and your available insurance coverage.

Dental Bridges

Can I Eat and Speak Normally with a Dental Bridge?

Whether you choose a traditional bridge, a dental implant bridge, or a cantilever bridge, your new dental bridge works as a substitute for your missing teeth. Since the dental bridge procedure helps restore your smile, you can usually return to eating most foods you enjoy once your bridge is in place.

What Should I Expect a Dental Bridge to Cost?

Dental bridge costs are as diverse and customized as your actual dental bridge. Typically, your cost is based on the number of replacement teeth provided in the bridge, the difficulty of the bridge’s placement, and the type of material used to make your bridge.


Does It Take a Long Time to Get Dentures?

We offer numerous denture options for patients who are missing several teeth, and each denture’s process varies slightly. In many cases, you’ll use temporary dentures until your permanent dentures are ready. Talk to our dentists in Potranco to find out more.

Are There Ways to Save on Denture Costs?

We understand that the average cost of dentures can be daunting. Please know that our office will work with you and your insurance to make the appliance more affordable.

Can I Get Full Dentures Near Me?

Our dentists in Potranco are skilled at providing full dentures to replace your upper or lower teeth. These dentures usually use acrylic resin to mimic your gums and are secured by dental implants or denture adhesives.

When Should I Opt for Partial Dentures?

If you have small gaps in your smile created by tooth loss, partial dentures may be a good option for you. Dental partials allow you to smile confidently and eat comfortably. With traditional partials, prosthetic teeth and acrylic gums are built onto a metal framework that uses metal clasps to hook onto your adjacent teeth. With flexible partials, the malleable material conforms to the shape of your mouth and teeth, providing a more natural-looking fit.

Are Flipper Teeth Necessary?

Flipper teeth are lightweight and a good temporary cosmetic solution for gaps in your smile.

Am I Good Candidate for Immediate Dentures?

If you are wondering whether immediate dentures are right for you, talk to your dentist. Many patients appreciate the convenience and cosmetic benefits of immediate dentures, but if you have certain health conditions or dental problems, immediate dentures may not be recommended.

Dental Fillings

Where Do I Get Dental Fillings Near Me?

Our dentists in Potranco are passionate about helping you maintain good oral health, and sometimes that includes filling cavities to preserve your natural teeth. The tooth cavity filling procedure is painless and often can be completed in a single visit.

What Affects Dental Filling Costs?

Your tooth filling cost is based on whether you choose composite, porcelain, gold, or amalgam material to fill your cavity. Insurance coverage also affects your total expense.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Composite Filling?

The process for a composite filling can take about 20 minutes longer to complete than an amalgam filling. This is because the composite resin is applied in layers and a special light is used to harden each layer.


When Are Onlays Recommended?

Your dentist may recommend dental onlays for your extensive tooth decay that encompasses the tooth cusps or chewing surface. Onlays are made in a lab and cemented into place on your tooth.

What Goes Into Determining Onlay Costs?

The location of the affected tooth, the size of the restoration, and your insurance coverage affect your total dental onlay cost. You may have a choice between amalgam and ceramic onlays, and that choice also affects the price.

Are Overlays Available Near Me?

Our dentists are skilled at providing durable, protective dental overlay restorations. Overlays are secure and cost-effective, preserving your natural tooth and restoring its function. Schedule an appointment with our dentists to discover if an overlay is right for you.

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