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Having a dental emergency and no regular dentist can be a frightening situation. Who will help you with the severe pain? The dentists at our office can provide the help you need to stop the pain and possibly save your tooth.

Where Can I Find the Closest Emergency Dentist?

If you are looking for an emergency dental office near Presidio, call our office today. Our aim is to get you treatment as quickly as possible. Getting care quickly is essential if you are in severe pain, because nothing else really matters but stopping the pain. It becomes all consuming. We welcome new and existing patients who need emergency or preventative care.

What Will I Have to Pay for Emergency Dental Work?

We cannot tell you what your emergency dental work will cost, because without seeing you it is impossible to tell what is causing your problem, which determines the type of work you will need. Call our office today and after your examination, you will learn how much it will cost to treat your emergency.

Emergency Dental Services

What Are Emergency Dental Services?

Emergency dental services are treatments and procedures for dental problems that need immediate care. Below is just a sampling of the many emergency dental services we offer:

Emergency Extractions: Our dentists try to save teeth first, but there are teeth that just can’t be saved. In these unfortunate instances, our dentist must perform an emergency extraction to prevent further issues.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Wisdom teeth are prone to abscesses. Our dentist can perform emergency wisdom teeth extractions if your wisdom teeth become infected or are stuck beneath the gum line.

Root Canals: Root canal therapy allows dentists to save a tooth by removing the infection from inside the tooth. Teeth that have had a root canal will need a crown to provide support.

Root Canals for Children: To save a child’s baby tooth, our dentist may suggest a root canal. Baby teeth assist permanent teeth to align properly, potentially saving a child from needing orthodontic work in the future.

Tooth Extractions: Our dentists also perform routine extractions to make space for braces and other orthodontic treatments or to relieve overcrowding.

When Should I Call an Emergency Dental Office?

The following conditions are examples of dental problems that need treatment at an urgent dental care office:

Abscessed Teeth: Abscessed teeth cause intense pain and swelling. The pain may go away after a while, but you still need emergency dental care to avoid potentially serious complications because the infection will remain.

Broken or Cracked Teeth: Cracked or broken teeth may be painful. The crack or break can leave teeth at risk for infection or decay.

Broken or Fractured Jaws: A broken or fractured jaw is a major emergency. Contact our office immediately, or if you have severe bleeding or difficulty breathing, visit the nearest hospital emergency department.

Broken, Loose or Lost Crowns: Broken, loose or lost crowns need attention since the tooth underneath needs the crown for strength. Do not wait to get a new crown, call your dentist today.

Dental Infections: Always have dental infections treated by one of our dentists, who generally prescribe antibiotics and provide advice on proper dental care. You do not want the infection to spread to the head or neck region.

Knocked-out Teeth: If you act swiftly, you may be able to save your tooth. Call our office first and then rinse your tooth off and try to re-insert it in the socket. If it will not go in, put the tooth in milk, never water, and bring it with you to your appointment. Never try to put a baby’s tooth back in the socket as it could destroy the socket.

Loose or Lost Fillings: If your filling is loose or it fell out, contact our office. There are several reasons a filling could fall out, one of which is decay. Fillings do not last forever, but either way the filling still needs replacing.

Severe Facial or Gum Swelling: Severe gum swelling could indicate anything from gingivitis to a gum abscess. Call our office to schedule an appointment with a dentist who will determine the reason for the swelling. He or she may prescribe antibiotics or a root canal if there is an infection present.

Severe Toothaches: An abscess, worn tooth enamel or a fractured tooth all cause severe tooth pain. Contact our office to schedule an appointment. Once an emergency dentist diagnoses the problem, he or she will be able to treat it.

Are Emergency Dental Procedures Expensive?

We have affordable fees and we accept most dental insurance plans. We know paying for emergency dental care strains some of our patient’s budgets. We have a simple solution; purchase a MetroCare Dental Plan. The immediate savings make emergency dental care affordable, and for just $129 per year, the plan is affordable. Since the plan is not dental insurance, you can use the plan as much as you need and even in conjunction with your regular insurance. Call our office to hear how well the plan works for our patients.

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