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Root canal treatments are an ideal way for you to save a tooth that has become infected or contains damaged pulp from a trauma. A root canal procedure painlessly eliminates the pulp inside your tooth, replacing it with a filling material. Whatever pain you felt, which can range from no pain to severe, usually can be eliminated with a root canal procedure. If you believe that you need a root canal, call our office to arrange an appointment with one of our skilled root canal dentists in Presidio.

The Root Canal Procedure

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Our dentist will determine if your tooth is in good enough condition to save with a root canal procedure. Saving a tooth is every dentist’s goal; there are too many problems associated with having a missing tooth in your mouth. The procedure is sometimes mistakenly feared as a dental treatment, however, we will do our best to make you as comfortable as possible. Even better, a root canal relieves more pain than it causes in most cases. The most painful part is the several injections of anesthesia that our dentist will administer if you elect to have it. There are numerous myths about root canals that stay alive on the Internet. If you have any questions about the procedure, ask our dentist.

Root canal procedures treat infections in the pulp, the soft inner portion of a tooth. As an adult, you do not need the pulp. The surrounding tissue will support the tooth. Left untreated, the infection can spread. First, it will attack the outer layers of a tooth, causing discoloration. The infection can spread to the head and neck as well.

How Does a Dentist Perform a Root Canal?

There are four basic parts to a root canal from the patient’s perspective. After the local anesthetic starts working, our dentist will drill an access hole in the tooth’s crown to reach up into the tooth’s root. Next, our dentist removes the pulp through the access cavity, using small instruments called files. Washing out and disinfecting the canals is the next step. Finally, our dentist fills the canals with gutta percha, a rubbery material, and closes the access cavity with a filling.

Restoring the tooth is sometimes done on your subsequent visit. With most root canals, you will need a permanent filling or a crown. These are used because the tooth is more vulnerable to damage after the root canal. The whole procedure should be comfortable and efficient and is essential for keeping the tooth healthy for many years.

If you follow our dentist’s recommendations for caring for the tooth, it will last for at least several decades, possibly a lifetime. Our dentist will also explain how you can prevent the need for future root canals from deep decay.

Who Will Do my Root Canal, a Root Canal Dentist or an Endodontist?

Our skilled root canal dentist will examine your X-rays to determine if we can perform your root canal at our practice. We refer patients with complexities to an endodontist, who is a specialist in diagnosing and treating disorders of the inside of the teeth. Call us to schedule your appointment with our root canal dentist who will determine if we can perform the procedure for you.

How Much Are Root Canals?

Your root canal price will depend on which type of tooth needs the root canal. Molars will cost more than incisors as molars have more canals. The price also depends on who does the procedure; an endodontist’s fees are higher than a dentist’s fees. Always ask if your quoted root canal price includes the final restoration. If our dentist recommends a crown as your final restoration, there are several crown materials available. Our dentist will go over your choices and help you make a selection.

If you have a severe infection, this will also affect your cost, as you may need an additional appointment after the infection clears.

Check your dental insurance policy, if you have insurance, there is a good chance that at least a portion of the cost is covered. We can help you determine your out-of-pocket expenses. If you lack dental insurance, ask us about our payment plans, which spreads out the cost of your root canal treatment to make it easier on your budget.

Call our office for affordable root canal treatment in Presidio. We always welcome new patients.

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