Root Canals in Spring, TX

Do you have an infection in your tooth from trauma or severe decay? Are you in pain? If so, you will want to talk to a dentist about having a root canal treatment. If you delay, the infection may spread because it will not go away on its own. If it does spread, the tooth will probably have to come out to save the surrounding teeth. If you are looking for root canal treatment in Spring, TX, contact our office. Our dentist’s expertise will help you keep your tooth if it is possible to save it. Our practice specializes in root canal treatments, so consider yourself in good hands at Ideal Dental of Rayford.

The Root Canal Procedure

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There are threads of pulp inside of each of your teeth, which contain blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves. If this pulp becomes infected and causes you severe pain, it’s best to remove the pulp, not the tooth. The pulp resides in canals, which are in the roots of your teeth, hence the name root canal therapy. Despite the reputation a root canal procedure has, it is not painful

What Steps Are Part of a Root Canal Treatment?

Expect your first root canal appointment to take about an hour or two. Our dentist administers local anesthesia, so we believe your procedure should be relatively pain free.

During the procedure, our dentist will make a small hole in the crown of your tooth in order to access the canals. The pulp comes out through the hole, then our dentist thoroughly washes and disinfects the canal to remove any trace of infection. The empty canal is filled with a rubbery material and sealed. If there is a trace of an infection, our dentist will fill the canals with medication and wait until the infection is gone before sealing them. The hole our dentist used to extract the pulp gets a temporary filling.

Expect mild discomfort at the site for up to several days. Our dentist usually suggests an OTC pain reliever, if needed.

If your dentist determines it is better to have you come back for a more permanent restoration, you will return shortly to have either a permanent filling or a crown placed in order to give your teeth structural stability. After a root canal, the tooth is more likely to fracture. Chew only soft foods on the side where you had the root canal procedure done until you have your permanent restoration. This will help ensure that the tooth lasts as long as possible.

Will a Root Canal Dentist or an Endodontist Do a Better Job?

A general dentist, who performs root canals every day, is just as skilled at simple root canals as an endodontist. An endodontist is a specialist dentist that treats dental pulp problems. If our dentist sees that your tooth has a complex canal system or it has had previous work done, he or she will suggest that you see an endodontist. Call our office to arrange an appointment. Our dentist will determine whether your root canal can be accomplished at our practice.

What Does Root Canal Therapy Cost?

We base the cost of your root canal treatment on the affected tooth as front teeth have only one root and one canal. A molar can have three or more roots and multiple canals. It understandably takes a dentist far longer to complete a root canal on a molar, hence the higher cost. If your tooth has a severe infection, your root canal will cost more because you may need three visits to complete the procedure, instead of one or two. Our dentist would need to examine your tooth and look at the X-rays before quoting a price.

We work with most major dental insurance providers. Many of them cover at least part of the cost of a root canal, since it is a medically necessary procedure. Failure to have a root canal on an infected tooth could allow the infection to spread, which could result in serious consequences.

If you are worried about the cost of a root canal with no insurance, our dental payment plans may ease your mind. You can pay for your root canal in installments. Call us to learn more.

If you fear that you need a root canal treatment, contact our office and request an appointment with a root canal dentist today.

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