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Dental Hygiene

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What Is Oral Hygiene?

Oral hygiene consists of keeping the gums, teeth and mouth healthy. To achieve this, you must brush, floss and see a dentist regularly. Practicing proper oral hygiene prevents tooth decay and gum disease from developing.

Dental Services for Children

What Is Children’s Dental Care?

Just like adults, children need to see a dentist on a routine basis. Children’s dental care encompasses teeth cleaning, treating cavities, treating gum disease, and having dental X-rays done.

Dental Exams

What Is a Dental Examination Procedure?

A dentist will perform your routine dental examination. During the examination, the dentist will evaluate your current dental health. If there are any signs of tooth decay, oral cancer or gum disease, your dentist will recommend a course of treatment. X-rays of your teeth, mouth and gums will also be taken.

How Much Does a Dental Examination Cost?

How much you will pay for your dental examination is based on your insurance policy and how healthy your gums and teeth are at the time of your visit. Most dental insurance providers will offer some form of coverage for your exam and X-rays.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

How Is Gingivitis Gum Disease Treated?

The course of treatment for gingivitis gum disease will depend on how severe your case is. Mild cases can be resolved through routine cleanings that remove plaque and debris from the gums, while more severe cases may require surgery, periodontal scaling, or root planing.

How Much Is Gingivitis Treatment?

Surgical intervention for gingivitis will cost more than more routine cleanings. Your overall cost for gingivitis treatment will vary depending on the treatment plan and what kind of coverage your insurance provider offers.

Mouth Guards – Sports

What Can You Tell Me About Sports Mouth Guards?

A sports mouth guard is generally a mandatory requirement in full contact sports. These specially designed devices fit in the mouth and help to prevent injuries to the mouth, teeth, gums, tongue and jaw. Common materials used in constructing sports mouth guards include soft, flexible plastic or laminate.

Night Guards

Can You Give Me Information About Custom Night Guards?

Custom night guards are made up of plastic materials. They are prescribed for patients who grind their teeth at night.

How Much Will I Pay for a Night Guard?

What you will need to pay for your night guard is based on the materials used, the exact severity of the problem being treated, and your insurance plan. If your night guard is determined to be medically necessary, it may be covered by your dental insurance.

How Will a Bruxism Guard Be Able to Help Me?

A custom-fitted bruxism guard will prevent you from grinding your teeth at night. It prevents further damage to the teeth and jaw. You may experience a better night’s sleep after you begin using your bruxism guard.

Nitrous Oxide

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work?

A colorless and odorless gas, nitrous oxide (or laughing gas as it is more commonly called) works to sedate a patient quickly. It is a safe means of local sedation, as it is also easily reversed.

How Much Does Nitrous Oxide Cost?

Patients who feel a great deal of anxiety during dental procedures find that nitrous oxide is an affordable option for sedation. The exact cost of its use is determined on a per-visit or per-hour basis.

Oral Cancer Screening

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

While an oral cancer screening may sound intimidating, it is a routine procedure that takes place during your annual dental exam. Call our dentists in Hausman to schedule your annual exam now.

What Will I Have to Pay for an Oral Cancer Test?

Many insurance providers offer coverage for oral cancer screening. Check with your provider to determine what kind of coverage is available to you. If we detect cancer at your exam, we will offer you a detailed treatment plan and give you an idea of what the estimated cost of treatment will be.


What Can You Tell Me About Tooth Sealant?

Consisting of a protective coating that is placed over the teeth, tooth sealants work to prevent cavities and other decay issues.

What’s the Price for Dental Sealants?

Pricing for dental sealants is determined by a variety of considerations. These considerations include how healthy your teeth are, how many teeth are being treated, and what kind of dental insurance policy you have.

Sedation Dentistry

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Sedation dentistry is a popular method of ensuring that patients do not feel any pain during a dental procedure. Sedation dentistry is safe for most patients. If you have sleep apnea, breathing problems or any other medical conditions, it is important that you let your dentist know so that you can determine whether this is a safe way of sedating you for your procedure.

How Affordable Is Sedation Dentistry?

The pricing for sedation dentistry is calculated based on the length of time you will be under sedation and the type of sedation technique that is used.

What Can You Tell Me About Oral Sedation?

Your dentist may decide to give you a pill to sedate you. Oral sedation is a popular and affordable way of ensuring that you remain comfortable throughout your procedure.

Dental X-rays

Why Do I Need Dental X-rays?

Dental X-rays are an important element of establishing how healthy your teeth, gums and mouth are. Your dentist may recommend that you have these X-rays done every two years, once a year or more frequently.

Are Dental X-rays Affordable?

Most insurance plans offer coverage for routine dental X-rays. The exact cost of your X-rays will be determined by factoring in your insurance and the type of dental issues you have.

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