Meet Our Dentist
Christopher Schuchart, DDS

Christopher Schuchart, DDS General Dentist

Dr. Schuchart strives to offer a modern, thorough, and gentle dental examination to every patient.  Together, we will strive for a treatment plan that fits your personal needs. I want all of my patients to feel as comfortable as possible during their visit.

Dr. Schuchart was born and raised in the rural, south Texas town of Jourdanton, TX.  In high school, his favorite sports were Basketball and Baseball.  During his undergraduate years at Texas A&M, he majored in Visualization.  This degree focused in 3D animation, special effects, and art.  His passion for dentistry came when he began working in dental labs during college summers designing crowns with 3D software.  In his free time, Dr. Schuchart enjoys playing sports, hunting, and staying up to date with the latest technologies in dentistry.

Dr. Schuchart’s favorite movies include any Action Hero film.  His favorite channels to watch on TV are History, Nat Geo, and Discovery.  His favorite vacation spot is Beaver Creek, CO.