Root Canals in Roanoke

In instances of severe nerve damage within the teeth, modern dentists are able to perform root canals to save the teeth rather than pull them out. This method of dealing with infected or damaged teeth has allowed patients to go on about their daily lives with happy and healthy smiles. If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain in your teeth, get in touch with Ideal Dental of Roanoke. Our clinic has dentists experienced in root canals and endodontic treatments.

Root Canal Procedure

Root Canals in [GEOID]

If you believe that you might be a good candidate for root canal therapy, call our dentists in Roanoke. Our experienced staff may be able to save your teeth, even if the teeth have suffered severe damage. Once you’ve had your root canal treatment, your smile will be healthy and function just as it always has, without discomfort or pain.

What Happens During a Root Canal Treatment?

Dentists save millions of teeth every year via root canals. This leaves their patients with pain free mouths and healthy teeth. The routine nature of this procedure means that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to having a root canal.

When is it necessary to have a root canal? In most cases, a root canal is needed when the pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected. If you are unfamiliar with the anatomy of the tooth, then you may be interested to know that there is a soft tissue that is underneath the harder layers of your tooth. This is soft tissue is commonly called the pulp. The pulp is made up of connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves that are necessary when the tooth is growing. Once the tissue around the tooth is strong enough, the pulp is rather unnecessary and the tooth can live without it.

Decay, faulty crowns or structural damage can cause an infection or inflammation to set in within the pulp. This can cause pain in the teeth and mouth. If left untreated, abscesses and deeper infections can develop.

A root canal consists of the dentist taking out the pulp, disinfecting the inside of tooth, replacing the pulp with a rubbery material and then placing a crown on the tooth. The crown will look and feel natural, enabling you to eat and speak in a normal fashion. The entire procedure is performed under an anesthetic, so you won’t have to worry about feeling any pain while the dentist is working on you.

Do I Need to See a Specialist for My Root Canal Treatment?

If your case is a complex one, our dentist may refer you to a specialist. Complex cases usually involve the molars, as these teeth are made up of multiple canals. In most cases, you will be able to have your procedure done at our clinic. Once our dentist has assessed the condition of your teeth, you will be given a treatment plan and an estimate of the cost of the root canal and crown placement. Don’t delay calling us. Book your appointment as soon as you possibly can.

What Is the Cost for a Root Canal Procedure?

Before we can give you an estimate, we will need to assess the complexity of your case. The severity of the infection and the area where the affected tooth is located will determine the cost of the procedure. If you’re worried about how you will pay for your root canal, know that we offer several options for payment. We can work with you to establish a payment plan. We also work with a variety of dental insurance providers. If you would like to know if your plan covers a root canal, contact your provider directly.

You may be tempted to put off treatment due to financial concerns. Treatment for damaged or infected teeth in need of root canals should not be put off. Failure to treat your teeth in a timely manner can lead to severe infection that can travel to other areas of the mouth and body.

Our team of Roanoke dentists is committed to providing you with affordable and high-quality dental care. Our experience working with multiple insurance providers means that you will receive the coverage you are entitled to under your plan. Our payment plans mean that you will be able to pay off your treatment over an established time period.

Decayed, damaged or infected teeth are no laughing matter. Get in touch with us immediately to book an appointment for a root canal consultation.

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