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Dental Hygiene

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Why Is Good Dental Hygiene a Worthy Goal?

Practicing good oral hygiene is a worthy goal because it reduces your risk of gum disease and dental decay, plus it keeps your teeth as white as possible and your breath fresh.

Dental Services for Children

Is Children’s Dental Health Important?

If you start your child out with healthy habits, such as seeing a dentist regularly, it will help them maintain good dental health when they are adults. Get started today by scheduling an appointment for your child’s checkup.

Dental Exams

What Will Happen During a Dental Exam?

During a routine dental exam, the hygienist will professionally clean your teeth and our dentist will check for cavities and look for any signs of gum disease. You will have a basic oral cancer screening and possibly have X-rays taken.

What Does a Dental Exam Cost Without Insurance?

We generally base the exam fees on your oral health. If you are a new patient, you can ask about the fee when you schedule your appointment.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

Should I See a Dentist for Gingivitis Treatment?

Yes, our dentist can diagnose the severity of your gingivitis and recommend an appropriate treatment. You may be able to treat your gingivitis at home or you may need a dental or deep teeth cleaning.

What Does Gingivitis Treatment Usually Cost?

Your cost for gingivitis treatment depends on the treatment our dentist recommends.

Mouth Guards - Sports

When Do I Need to Wear a Sports Mouth Guard?

Pro and semi-pro athletes are generally required to wear sports mouth guards for contact sport. However, you should wear one for all recreational contact sports. Our dentist can make you a custom mouth guard that is comfortable and allows you to breathe easily, so you won’t hesitate to wear it, even when a mouth guard isn’t required.

What Do Custom Mouth Guards Typically Cost?

Sports mouth guards from a dentist are custom; there isn’t a typical price. They do cost more than generic mouth guards, but they offer better protection for your mouth, in addition to lasting longer than generic mouth guards.

Night Guards

What Is a Bruxism Night Guard?

Bruxism, the correct name for grinding your teeth, can do serious damage to your teeth if you don’t wear a night guard.

How Much Is a Custom Night Guard?

Our dentist can give you a price after reviewing your unique needs. If you need a night guard, call our office today to schedule your appointment.

Why Should I Get a Night Guard from a Dentist?

A custom night guard from a dentist will fit perfectly. It is also made of superior materials that will withstand the force of your jaws.

Nitrous Oxide

Does Nitrous Oxide Help with Dental Pain?

Ask our dentist to begin the nitrous oxide first, and then you won’t mind the needle used to administer anesthesia. Nitrous oxide is supposed to help you bear pain easier, and it can also ease anxiety.

What’s the Fee for Nitrous Oxide?

You will want to ask the dentist beforehand how he or she keeps track of the amount of gas used for your procedure.

Oral Cancer Screening

Do I Need an Oral Cancer Screening?

All adults need an oral cancer screening; the disease is deadly unless it is caught early. You can have an oral cancer screening as part of your regular exam by our dentist, who will look through your mouth for any signs of abnormal tissue.

Is the Oral Cancer Screening Part of the Exam?

Yes, a basic screening is part of your exam. Our dentist will talk to you about any follow up measures and the related costs, if necessary.


How Are Dental Sealants Applied?

Our dentist or hygienist will use a small brush to apply the sealant to the chewing surface of the molars, which are difficult to keep clean because of the grooves on the tops of the teeth.

What Do Teeth Sealants Cost?

The cost of teeth sealants depends of the number of teeth that you have sealed. If your child is covered by dental insurance, this will affect your cost as well.

Sedation Dentistry

Will I Fall Asleep During Sedation Dentistry?

With sedation dentistry, you remain conscious even though many people refer to sedation dentistry as sleep dentistry. If you are very relaxed, you may fall asleep, but not in the way general anesthesia knocks you out.

Is It Expensive to Be Sedated at the Dentist’s Office?

Your fee for sedation dentistry will depend on the sedation used and possibly the length of your procedure.

What About Oral Sedation Dentistry?

Oral sedation is generally safe and used to mitigate anxiety and stress caused by dental procedures. While it is safe, it is best to tell your dentist if you are suffering from any medical conditions, especially conditions related to breathing.

Dental X-rays

Should I Worry About Radiation from X-rays?

Normally a dentist takes four bitewing X-rays during an examination, which exposes you to the same amount of radiation that you would get from natural sources during a day. Our dentists do not take unnecessary X-rays, but if you have any questions about radiation exposure, please ask your dentist during your exam.

What’s the Cost for Teeth X-rays?

Your cost for dental X-rays depends on your dental insurance coverage.

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