Emergency Dentistry in Rowlett

Dental emergencies are stressful and can occur at any time. If you are experiencing a severe toothache or have a broken tooth, you can receive the emergency dental care you need from our dentists in Rowlett.

Emergency Dental Care

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Where Can I Get Emergency Dental Care?

If you’re experiencing severe mouth pain or have any other urgent dental problems, please contact our emergency dental clinic right away to make an appointment. Waiting to see if your symptoms resolve on their own can cause additional damage and may require more extensive treatment. Our goal is to accommodate dental emergencies as they arise, and we make every effort to schedule same-day appointments. When you need emergency dental treatment or surgery, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to schedule an appointment.

How Much Is Emergency Dental Care?

Our dentists understand that you might be concerned about how much treatment costs when experiencing a dental emergency. The total cost of your treatment depends on a variety of factors, such as the severity of the problem, your insurance coverage, and whether you require any additional appointments in our office. When you come in for your appointment, your dentist will explain your anticipated emergency dental services cost and treatment options.

Emergency Dental Services

What Are Emergency Dental Services?

Our Rowlett dentists offer emergency dental services that will relieve your symptoms and restore the health of your mouth. Here’s a list of some of the urgent dental care services we offer:

Emergency Extractions: Although saving your tooth is our top priority, an extraction is best when the tooth is severely damaged. We will use anesthetics and other techniques to keep you comfortable and at ease during the procedure.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Your wisdom teeth are usually the last set of teeth to erupt, but they are still susceptible to infection and decay. If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, please call us to schedule an appointment. The earlier you are evaluated and diagnosed by one of our dentists, the fewer complications you will experience.

Root Canals: Root canal surgery is a common procedure that removes damaged and infected pulp from inside your tooth. The procedure typically takes one to two hours and restores the full function of your tooth.

Root Canals for Children: If your child has a damaged tooth, the dentist may recommend a root canal to prevent further decay and preserve the tooth. If you’re seeking a quality children’s dentist, call us to schedule an appointment.

Tooth Extractions: Besides emergency extractions, we also offer tooth extractions for teeth that are badly decayed or injured.

When Do I Need Emergency Dental Services?

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, please seek emergency dental assistance:

Abscessed Teeth: You may have a dental abscess if you have excruciating pain in your jaw or swollen or oozing gums. An abscessed tooth requires immediate treatment, so we encourage you to contact us if you think you have an abscessed tooth.

Broken or Cracked Teeth: If left untreated, a broken or cracked tooth can quickly become infected. If you have damaged one or more of your teeth, we urge you to contact our office.

Broken or Fractured Jaws: If you’ve experienced a traumatic injury that causes intense pain in your face or jaw, please contact our dentists for an emergency service as soon as possible.

Broken, Loose or Lost Crowns: Your tooth becomes vulnerable to damage when a crown is loose, broken, or missing. To restore your smile, please contact our dentists.

Dental Infections: If you don’t receive regular cleanings every six months, it’s possible for infections to develop along your gum line. When you come in for your appointment, we can treat any existing infections and provide guidance on how to prevent infections from recurring in the future.

Knocked-Out Teeth: Knocking out a tooth can be alarming, but your local dentist may be able to save your tooth. Until your appointment, you can attempt to place the tooth back in its socket or place it in a cup of milk to keep it moist.

Loose or Lost Fillings: When you have a loose or lost filling, your tooth is susceptible to decay. Call our office to make an appointment for a replacement filling.

Severe Facial or Gum Swelling: Swelling of your face or gums are symptoms that require an immediate evaluation by your local dentist.

Severe Toothaches: A persistent, severe toothache should never be ignored. Instead of waiting to see if the toothache goes away on its own, contact our office for an appointment with our dentists for emergency care.

Are Emergency Dental Services More Expensive?

When a dental emergency strikes, our team understands that you might have concerns about payment. Our dentists want to make dental care affordable for everyone, and we will work with your insurance provider to try and get maximum benefits. Our clinic is a preferred provider of MetroCare, an affordable dental plan that can help make many dental procedures and treatments more cost-effective. For only $129 a year, MetroCare members can save between 20 and 80 percent on a variety of dental services, including cosmetic treatments, orthodontics, and routine dental care. The MetroCare Dental Plan can also be used in addition to your current insurance, and it’s ideal for anyone without dental insurance. Contact us today for information about the MetroCare Dental Plan.

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