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Bone Grafting

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Why Is Bone Grafting Performed?

A bone graft procedure may be performed when a dental implant is needed to replace a missing tooth but there’s insufficient bone to place the implant. During the surgery, a piece of bone is taken from another part of the body to encourage the growth of new bone in your jaw. You may have to wait a few months to receive your implant while new bone builds in the jawbone. Bone grafting requires the use of anesthesia, so you won’t feel any pain during the surgery.

How Much Does a Bone Graft Cost for Dental Patients?

Our dentists determine dental bone graft cost based on your individual needs. In general, cost is influenced by the type of bone graft you receive, whether any additional surgeries are needed, and if treatment is covered by your insurance. Harvesting your own bone is more expensive compared to synthetic bone, and it also requires an additional surgical site.

What Is the Cost for a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that adds new bone between your jaw and maxillary sinus, which is near your molars and premolars. The sinus membrane is raised so there’s enough room for the new bone. Your sinus lift cost is determined by many factors, such as how much bone graft material is required, the complexity of the procedure, and whether you have insurance. You’ll receive information about your treatment plan and payment options during your appointment.

Sedation Dentistry

Is Sedation Dentistry Dangerous?

Sedation dentistry uses a combination of techniques, including nitrous oxide and oral sedation, to provide pain relief and keep you relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures. IV sedation or general anesthesia may be used if you’re receiving oral surgery. Sedation dentistry poses few risks and is considered safe. Our dentists in Rowlett will monitor you very closely while you’re under sedation.

What Is the Cost of Sedation Dentistry?

The cost of sedation dentistry will vary for every patient, but cost is usually based on the type of sedation you receive. Compared to oral sedation and nitrous oxide, IV sedation tends to be more expensive. Some insurance companies may cover a portion of your sedation dentistry cost. Check with your insurance provider before receiving treatment.

Tooth Extractions

What Is Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Dental extractions occur when a tooth hasn’t broken through the gums or if the tooth is broken off at the gum line. Surgical extractions are more involved than a routine tooth extraction, and your oral surgeon will need to make a small cut into the gum line to remove the tooth. The dental extraction procedure is performed under anesthesia to ensure your comfort.

What’s the Average Cost of a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth removal cost will vary based on the individual needs of each patient. In general, cost is based on whether you need any follow-up appointments, the location of the affected tooth, and your insurance coverage. Our oral surgeon can outline your treatment plan and provide an estimate of your expected costs.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Painful?

Many people believe that wisdom teeth extraction is a painful procedure; however, the use of anesthesia and sedation methods ensures that the process is painless. It’s normal to experience some discomfort once the procedure is completed, but the aftercare instructions provided by your oral surgeon will help you relieve any pain.

Oral Pathology

Where’s the Closest Oral Pathologist?

If you have consistent problems with your throat, or noticed white or red patches in your mouth, a lump, a painful sore, these are signs that should be brought to the attention of an oral pathologist. To receive a dental pathology consultation, we encourage you to contact us to make an appointment.

Oral Cancer Detection

Receiving an oral cancer screening at our office can catch early-stage oral cancer, which is critical to successful treatment. An oral cancer test and screening is performed once a year during your routine checkup, and the dentist will look for signs of cancer and precancerous growths.

How Much Does Oral Cancer Treatment Cost?

Oral cancer treatment is specialized for every patient, and a variety of factors influence the total cost of treatment, including how many chemotherapy treatments are needed, if surgery is required, the type of cancer you have, and your insurance. Our office is dedicated to finding the best treatment for oral cancer for every patient.

IV Sedation

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is a form of sleep dentistry that’s ideal for patients receiving a complicated procedure or extremely anxious patients. Like other forms of sleep dentistry, IV sedation involves the use of a sedative to help you feel relaxed while the dentist performs treatment. To learn more about sedation dentistry and the options available to you, call us to schedule an appointment.

How Much Does IV Sedation Dentistry Cost?

The total price you will pay for IV sedation dentistry varies. The cost is different for every patient and depends on your insurance policy, the duration of your appointment, and the experience of your dentist. Your dentist will provide you with a cost estimate during your consultation.

Oral Surgeon

When Should You See an Oral Surgeon?

Oral surgeons are trained to perform dental and oral surgery. If you have impacted or infected wisdom teeth, require a simple tooth extraction, need dental implants, or have a joint disorder in your jaw, you may need to see an oral surgeon.

What Does Oral Surgery Cost?

Your dental insurance and the type of treatment you’re receiving contribute to the cost of oral surgery. Providing affordable, quality care is the goal of our oral surgeons. Please contact us today for more information about your expected costs, or if you have any questions about your insurance.

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