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Bone Grafting

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What Is Jawbone Grafting?

If you’ve suffered bone loss in your jawbone, bone grafting or jawbone augmentation, can make it possible for you to have a dental implant. In order for implants to work, the jawbone has to grow around them to form a strong anchor for a crown. If you’ve been told that your jawbone cannot hold a dental implant, please contact our office for an appointment. Your implant may be possible after all.

What Does Bone Augmentation Cost?

Prices for bone grafts vary. Your fee will depend on how much bone is need and where it will go in your mouth. Using artificial bone matter is less expensive that using your own bone, since you are eliminating the need for surgery to remove the bone. Our oral surgeon can provide you with an estimate for bone augmentation in your case.

Why Is it Important to Follow the Recommendation to Have a Sinus Lift?

When adding bone in your upper jaw it may be necessary to push up your sinuses on one or both sides to make a space for the additional bone. Placing an implant where there isn’t enough bone could perforate the sinus membrane or cause implant failure.

Sedation Dentistry

Where Can I Find a Qualified Sedation Dentist?

At our office, we offer various types of conscious sedation to our patients who have anxiety issues or dental phobia. Call our office for an appointment. Our dentist will go over your options and determine which is the most suitable for you based on your health and comfort. If you are afraid of needles, we have sedation options that do not use needles.

What Does Sedation Dentistry Usually Cost?

Our charge for sedation dentistry depends on the type of sedation offered. Your dentist will go over your anticipated cost before your procedure.

Tooth Extractions

When Do I Need an Oral Surgeon for a Tooth Extraction?

You need to see an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction when your gum needs to be cut in order to reach the tooth. Dentists can only pull teeth when they can grasp the tooth with forceps. If you have a tooth that needs a surgical extraction, call to schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon.

What Does it Cost to Have an Extraction at an Oral Surgeon’s Office?

We strive to keep our costs affordable for our patients. Your surgical tooth extraction cost will depend on where the tooth is in your mouth and your dental insurance coverage.

Do Wisdom Teeth Extractions Hurt?

Our oral surgeon will ensure that the area is numb before proceeding. Our office offers sedation dentistry as well, for your comfort. You will receive instructions for minimizing the pain after surgery.

Oral Pathology

What Is Oral Pathology?

Oral pathology labs test tissue samples collected during a cancer screening for cancerous cells. Dentists often perform oral cancer screenings during exams to catch cancer early, when treatment is the most effective.

What Happens If I Do Have Oral Cancer?

You’ll be offered treatment options based on what stage your cancer is in. Your options may include chemotherapy, radiation, or oral surgery. You will have various health care professionals coordinating your care.

What’s the Average Price for Oral Cancer Treatment?

The cost for oral cancer treatment varies widely. Your cost depends on your insurance coverage, where the cancer is in your mouth, and what stage it is in.

IV Sedation

Who Benefits from IV Sedation?

Individuals who have dental phobia, who have had a bad experience at a dentist’s office before and those who are having invasive or extensive procedures are ideal candidates. IV sedation will make you somewhat unaware of time passing, as you will be sleeping or deeply relaxed. If you believe that sedation dentistry would help you have a better experience at the dental office, contact us to arrange your appointment.

Is Dental IV Sedation Expensive?

IV sedation is generally the most expensive form of sedation, while nitrous oxide is the most affordable option. Our dentist will go over your anticipated sedation costs with you before your procedure.

Oral Surgeon

What Do Oral Surgeons Do?

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dentists with at least four additional years of training at a hospital-based residency. They treat illnesses, such as oral cancer, handle emergencies, such as a broken jaw and perform cosmetic procedures, such as placing implants. Some oral surgeons choose a specialty, since oral surgery has such a wide range of procedure types.

What Do Oral Surgeons Charge?

Oral surgeons charge fees based on the services that they provide. Your cost depends the treatment that you receive and your dental insurance coverage for the treatment. Call our office to schedule an appointment if you need an oral surgeon in . You will learn about your anticipated fees before receiving treatment.

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