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Bone Grafting

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Is Bone Grafting Painful?

A bone graft procedure may be performed when you want a dental implant, but there isn’t enough available bone in your jaw to support it. The procedure involves taking a piece of bone from one part of the body and using it to build new bone in your jaw. You may have to wait several months for new bone growth to take place before you receive your dental implant. Anesthesia is used so you don’t feel any pain and remain comfortable during the procedure.

What’s the Price for a Bone Graft?

For most patients, synthetic bone is less expensive than using your own bone. Your bone graft cost is also determined by your insurance coverage and if any additional surgeries need to be performed, which is typically the case for harvested bone.

How Much Does a Sinus Lift Cost?

When there’s insufficient bone in your upper jaw to support an implant, or if your sinus cavity is too large, you may need a sinus lift. During the procedure, bone is added into your jaw near the molars and premolars. How much bone graft material is required, the complexity of the procedure, and whether you have insurance can affect sinus lift cost. During your appointment, your dentist will discuss your treatment plan and payment options.

Sedation Dentistry

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Our dentists in Schertz use sedation dentistry services to prevent pain during dental procedures and also to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Examples of our sedation dentistry services include nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and general anesthesia, or IV sedation if you’re receiving oral surgery.

Is Sedation Dentistry Expensive?

You complete sedation dentistry cost is affected by the type of treatment you receive. Nitrous oxide and oral sedation are typically less expensive than IV sedation. Some insurance companies may offer partial coverage for dental sedation, so we encourage you to contact your provider for more information.

Tooth Extractions

What Is Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Tooth extraction is performed if a tooth is broken at the gum line or hasn’t fully emerged from the gums, and it’s a more complicated procedure compared to a straightforward tooth extraction. During the dental extraction, the oral surgeon makes an incision at the gum line so the tooth can be extracted. Sedation is used to ensure your comfort, making the procedure completely painless.

How Much Do Dental Extractions Cost?

Your complete tooth removal cost is determined by several factors, including the location of the tooth that requires extraction, if any follow-up appointments are needed, and your insurance coverage. To learn more about pricing and how the procedure is performed, contact us to make an appointment with our oral surgeon.

Is Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Expensive?

The complexity of the procedure is the main factor in determining the price for wisdom teeth removal. Your insurance may also cover a portion of your total costs. For more information about your expected costs and to learn more about wisdom teeth removal, call our office to make an appointment.

Oral Pathology

What Are Oral Pathology Diseases?

Oral cancer and cancer of the head and neck are examples of oral pathology diseases. Red or white patches, a lump or thickening on the inside of your mouth, and a painful sore are signs of a serious oral health condition. To consult with an oral pathologist in Schertz, please contact us to make an appointment.

What Happens After an Oral Cancer Diagnosis?

Oral cancer detection is performed yearly as part of your regular dental care visits. During the exam, your dentist will carefully look for signs of cancer or precancerous growths in your mouth. Treatment has a high success rate when caught early. Surgery may be required to remove any cancerous tumors, which may also be used in combination with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

How Much Does Oral Cancer Treatment Cost?

Treatment options will vary for each patient and are unique to your specific needs. There are many factors that can affect the cost of oral cancer treatment, such as the stage of the cancer, any necessary surgeries, and how many chemotherapy sessions are needed. Once diagnosed, our team will discuss the best treatment for oral cancer in your particular case.

IV Sedation

What’s the Closest IV Sedation Dentist Near Me?

Our clinic offers IV sedation for patients who need a complex procedure or anyone with dental anxiety. IV sedation is also called sleep dentistry, and works by administering a sedative that keeps you calm and relaxed during your procedure. To determine if IV sedation is right for you, get in touch with us to make an appointment.

Are Services Performed by an IV Sedation Dentist Expensive?

The cost of IV sedation can vary and depends on your dentist’s expertise, how long your appointment lasts, and your insurance coverage. During your appointment, the dentist will provide you with a cost estimate.

Oral Surgeon

How Can an Oral Surgeon Help You?

Oral surgeons can help you with a variety of treatment options, such as tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, and dental implants. In addition, oral surgeons are trained to detect oral cancer and perform dental surgery.

What Does Oral Surgery Cost?

The cost of an oral surgery procedure varies for each patient and is based on the type of treatment you receive and if you have dental insurance. Our goal is to work with every patient to determine an affordable plan for oral surgery. If you have any questions about the cost of your treatment, your insurance coverage, or other payment options, please contact us.

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